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Lucy Lyle
Lucy Lyle.jpg
Tribeca, Manhattan
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma materBrown University
OrganizationPerch (Founder & CEO)
AwardsNew York's 101 top CEOs

Lucy Lyle is an American entrepreneur, best known for founding Perch, an e-commerce company that designs and manufactures workspace desks and products.[1] She was also a former product and marketing strategist at Google.[2]

Lyle's entrepreneurial career has had many highlights, including being named one of New York's 101 top CEOs in the consumer sector by Her vision and dedication have attracted investors and recognition from various publications, such as Vanity Fair, Domino and Men’s Health.[3][4]

Early life and education

Lyle was born and raised in Tribeca, Manhattan. Her father was a chef and restaurateur, and her mother was an artist. Lyle attended Brown University, where she majored in Economics and Philosophy and graduated with honors in 2010.


Earlier in her career, Lyle worked at Lazard Freres. Later, she gained experience in supply chain management at Runa, a company specializing in Guayusa tea in Ecuador.[5] Following this, Lyle was recruited by Google to work on ad campaign strategies with the company's largest clients before moving on to work as a product strategist in Google’s Creative Lab.[6]

Having recognized the WFH trend in its nascent days, Lyle left Google to establish her own consumer workspace product brand, which she named Perch. Her experience of working in a sterile and uncreative environment had left her with the conviction that workspaces are spaces in our lives that we should invest in, and should be inspired, personal, and conducive to productivity.[7]

Perch, which was established in 2015, designs and manufactures its own hardwood desks and curates a selection of workspace products to complement its desks. While the company developed its mahogany desks in collaboration with engineers in Nicaragua, all other products are sourced from makers with whom the company has formed distribution partnerships. Perch’s desks are priced between $750 and $1,250, depending on size.

Since its inception in 2015, Perch has gained recognition from publications such as Vanity Fair, Business Insider, Architectural Digest, and Forbes. Lyle's innovative business model and commitment to making high-quality products have also attracted a large number of investors, including Adam Levine, Neil Parikh, Brian Spaly, Bre Pettis, Iqram Magdon-Ismail, and Andrew Kortina.[8]

Awards and recognitions

  • Lyle has been named one of New York’s 101 top CEOs in the consumer space by[9]


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