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Lucky Block NFT
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Platform(s)Binance Smart Chain
Genre(s)Web3 games and NFT

Lucky Block is the No.1 crypto games platform. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain and aims to revolutionise the online games and competitions industry.[1] The project’s appeal lies in its reward scheme for ticket buyers where they can benefit from a share of jackpot winnings regardless of whether they have a winning ticket and governance votes. Token holders will also be able to stake their tokens. The frequency of prize payouts, offered on a daily basis, adds to the attractiveness of the platform, with 10% of prize pools also donated to charitable causes.[2]

Lucky Block is the fastest crypto to hit $1 billion market cap – achieving this milestone in less than a month – achieving 40k+ token holders in the first month. Its native digital token LBLOCK is used for buying tickets for draws, entering competitions and distributing jackpots. LBLOCK is ranked as the 2987th most valuable crypto asset by market cap out of the more than 8,000 cryptos listed on Coinmarketcap.[3]

Lucky Block’s presale of its LBlock token was due to end at the beginning of February 2022 but sold out 11 days early, such was the demand.[4]


Launched in 2022, the idea of Lucky Block was the brainchild of Scott Ryder, its Chief Executive Officer. The team comprises over 20 blockchains, product, and marketing professionals, based across the UK, US, India, and Germany.[5] With the advent of online games, the vision of Lucky Block lies in transcending local financial systems and geographical boundaries of current games of chance and competition platforms to develop further transparency and fairness in games. The company aims to create draws, sweepstakes and competitions where every player has better odds of winning, while providing a solid rewards strategy for ticket buyers.[6]

Lucky Block leverages the power of Distributed Ledger Technology to promote transparency and safety. The participants can take part in draws and other games of chance safely and can feel confident deploying their funds on the platform.[7] The cost of each draw ticket is $5, paid for with LBLOCK tokens. Lucky Block has a total token supply of 100 billion.[8]

Lucky Block, which is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain, intends to remove all obstacles to admission in order to create a "global games platform" in which all participants have a better chance of winning a prize than traditional systems. Draw jackpots are raised through token sales tax on decentralised exchanges and ticket purchases. 70% of the jackpot is paid to the winner. 10% goes to each draw’s ticket holders regardless of whether they have a winning ticket, 8% goes back to marketing to increase awareness about the coin, 2% for its NFT prize pool and, finally, the remaining 10% goes to a charity to be voted on by the community.[9]


The Lucky Block website and apps are the central hubs for Lucky Block players, allowing them to purchase draw and competition entry tickets and receive token distributions. The app will be available on iOS and Android and also has a dedicated website platform.[10]

Roadmap of Lucky Block

Lucky Block’s mobile beta app was launched to the public in March 2022, with the fully working version expected in April. It is intended that a desktop version will include fiat onboarding, so players can buy BNB, convert it to LBLOCK and then use the utility token to buy tickets.[11]

Following the desktop and mobile app launches, the first official Lucky Block draw is planned to take place shortly thereafter.

Phase 3 of the Lucky Block roadmap focused on developing its mobile and desktop application along with the launching of an extensive digital ads campaign.

Phase 4 of Lucky Block roadmap includes the creation of Lucky Block merchandise (this has been completed), hosting fundraising events, developing crypto education platforms and launching of Lucky Block NFTs. The Lucky Block merchandise store is now live.

The launch of the Platinum Rollers Club took place on 19 March 2022 on new NFT marketplace Lucky Block’s exclusive NFT collection comprises a limited edition collection of 10,000 NFTs. Each NFT constitutes a lifetime entry ticket for the daily NFT draw that runs alongside the main draw. There are 25 rare Platinum Rollers Club NFTs that command a prize amount double the normal sum.[12]


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