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Lewis Smith

New York
NationalityAfrican American-Arubian
CitizenshipUnited States
  • Rapper
  • Songwriter
OrganizationICE clothing
Known forFreestyle Ability, Creativity
ChildrenLEWIS SMITH JR(son)

Louie_Da_13th (born 5 October) also known as Lewis Smith Senior is an African - American hip hop artist and rapper. Louie_Da_13th is best known for his songs that are inspired by real-life situations and life experiences. He is best known for his rhythmic, sharp lyrics and hardstyle beats. Louie_Da_13th is regarded as one of the genre's most prolific Rising artists and is regarded for his songs - Saved me, Heaven or Hell, Return Of The 13th, I’m Back, Got It Together, End Of The Year Freestyle, and others.[1]

Louie_Da_13th has gained much popularity in the country, and his songs are available on all the music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Discogs, and YouTube. He has been featured in several media outlets including, 2 News, Reverbnation, KTVN, and others.[2]

Early life and education

Louie_Da_13th was born on 5 October and grew up in Queens, NY. During his childhood and teenage years, Louie_Da_13th faced several obstacles both emotional and financial which inspired him to pursue his dreams. Louie_Da_13th spent a solitary lifestyle and often turned to writing, where he confided his feelings. This habit of Louie helped him to cope up with the struggles and stay inspired to follow his dreams.[3]

When he was in elementary school, Louie began venturing into Hip-Hop music. He started writing rhymes and performing, seeking to earn respect from the older guys in his neighborhood. While growing up, Louie was highly influenced by 50 Cent, Jay Z, Fabolous, and Robbie Nova.


Louie_Da_13th started writing when he was very young but soon turned to the music scene, encompassing all the genres of music and finally settling for hip-hop. His songs are reflective of real-life situations, social issues, loss, love, life on the streets, and everyday challenges and how to deal with loss or finding the strength to face challenges.[4] Currently, Louie works both as a songwriter and performer and is always striving to develop new sounds.[5]

Louie has performed throughout New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, and other places, alongside several artists including Jadakiss, Travis Porter, and Tyga.

With a business mindset, Louie als created ICE clothing.


Heart Break Avenue (EP)

  • Call Me
  • Karma
  • No Title
  • Trust Issues
  • Love Freestyle


  • Love Story Pt. 1
  • Top Of The Year Freestyle
  • End Of Year Freestyle
  • Got It Together
  • Heaven or Hell
  • Return Of The 13th
  • Next To Me
  • I’m Back
  • No Real Friends
  • Rotation
  • Felt Like This
  • Love Free Style
  • Saved Me

In the media




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