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IndustryEnergy Technology
FoundedDecember 4, 2017; 6 years ago (2017-12-04)
  • Michael McNamara
  • Raymond Cline Jr.
HeadquartersThe Woodlands, Texas

Lancium is a US based software and technical solutions provider. The power management company builds infrastructure and operates data centers aimed at balancing the power grid stability and uplifting wind and solar energy production.[1][2][3]


Lancium was founded in 2017, by Michael McNamara and Ray Cline. The company is based in Houston and is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas,[4] where it has its executives, power trading, and engineering offices. It began its operations by locating data centers close to locations where there is an abundance of renewable power generation sources. The company was established for creating infrastructure, software, and technological solutions that facilitates the reduction in carbon emissions by the power grids. It focuses on building infrastructures for cryptocurrency mining and other energy intensive companies that are equipped with renewable energy sources that optimize the cost and usage of energy.[5][6][7]

The company secured its early funding from SBI holdings. In 2001, it secured funds amounting to $150 million to build bitcoin mines from several power companies, including the Hanwa solutions.[8][9][10][11] The company aimed at building a clean campus data center with over 2,000 megawatts capacity in Texas.

In March 2022, Lancium invested in Monarch Energy, which is a California-based company, established to develop green hydrogen across the states of North America.[12]


  • Lancium Smart Response™ - The software works on enabling the data centers to adjust their energy consumption based on the conditions on the power grid which optimizes the cost and usage of energy. The software allows the data centers to ramp their power consumption up or down based on the power grid conditions such as grid frequency and price. This helps in dealing with unplanned events occurring due to the shutdown of a large power generation unit by diverting the needed power to the grid within seconds. Lancium’s smart response software is protected under 16 patents. The software is certified as a Controllable Load Resource by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).[13]
  • Lancium Clean Campus - Clean Campuses are established in regions where there is an abundance of renewable power generation. Paired with Lancium smart response software, its clean campuses operate on the basis of power prices. When the prices are low they consume renewable power or return power to the transmission grid when it is needed by revamping their power consumptions through the software. Currently, Lancium operates two “clean campus” data centers, in Fort Stockton and the City of Abilene, Texas.[14][15] The Fort Stockton clean campus is a 110 acres campus with 325 megawatt capacity and hosts Bitcoin mining operations. The Abilene clean campus is 875 acres of space with 200 megawatt capacity and hosts high throughput computer applications.[16][17][18]
  • Lancium Compute - The service enables its customers to benefit from both Lancium Smart Response™ technology and the Clean Campus data centers. The technology allows the Clean Campuses to supply the Lancium Compute cloud with low carbon electric supply at a low cost without any ingress or egress fees.[19] It also provides stability to the power grid thereby enhancing the value of renewable power generation and reducing the grid’s carbon emissions.[20][21]


In August 2020, Lancium filed a suit against Bitcoin mining company Layer1 Technologies alleging that the company had infringed upon their patented software smart response. The dispute was settled in March 2021, where both the companies agreed upon entering a mutually beneficial partnership contract according to which Lancium will be providing software services to Layer1.[22][23]

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