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IndustryHealth Wellness and Fitness
Founded2019; 5 years ago (2019)
FounderJohn Enoh
HeadquartersNigeria with international presence in USA[1]
Area served
Nigeria, Africa, emerging nations and Rural communities in the united states of America
Key people
  • John Enoh, Founder & CEO
  • Ihinmikaiye Mayowa, COO
  • Abraham Enoh, Head of Technology
ProductsAI with solar energy and broadband satellite powered Medical Kiosk for rural communities
A digital hospital for remote, rural, and under-served communities in Africa, Nigeria. And developing nations.

Indoor Telehealth Care Kiosk
With this facility, you can turn any given space or room into a telehealth booth to cater to the health-related needs of people living in the remote, rural, and under-served areas of Nigeria, Africa and other developing nations. This on-demand access feature helps you get professional consultation and diagnosis from our team of trained remote doctors and health experts.
ServicesHealthcare services

Lafiya Telehealth is a digital healthcare platform that offers 24/7 on-demand telehealth services.[2] It was founded in 2019 by John Enoh. Lafiya’s operations are based in Nigeria, the United States, and developing nations.[3][4]

Lafiya Telehealth specializes in offering virtual healthcare services and solutions to remote areas in Africa and emerging nations.[5]These services are facilitated via Lafiya’s website, mobile application, smartphone, tablet, and virtual healthcare kiosk that is integrated into remote examination medical devices and telehealth platforms.[6][7] Lafiya is known for its technology that replicates the in-clinic primary care experience by providing a remote physician with identical clinical tools.[8][9]

Lafiya, since its inception, has gained recognition for being an integrated platform that generates revenue for healthcare professionals and everyone involved while treating patients. Lafiya, apart from virtual consultation, also offers digital prescriptions, drug delivery services, and medical examination devices.

Lafiya Telehealth has been featured in several media outlets for its outreach and services including Disrupt Africa, Africa News, African Business Communities, Daily Post, and others.[10]


Lafiya Telehealth was founded in 2019 as a subsidiary of BeepTool.[11] Lafiya comes from a Hausa word that means - health. The idea behind the creation of this telehealth platform was to facilitate high-quality, affordable healthcare services that are accessible on-demand from any location to multiple people.

Lafiya kiosk is a solar and satellite-enabled device that aims to extend healthcare services to remote and rural areas[12] With the help of this platform, the users can search for the doctor for teleconsultation and discuss the health concerns for which the doctors provide recommendations or prescriptions.

Within a year of its foundation, Lafiya gained recognition for its high-definition video interaction that utilizes voice and video chat consultations, quality diagnostic tests, genuine medications, and specialist referrals. The company’s integrated ecosystem allows the users to receive digital prescriptions, drug delivery services, consultations, and medical examination devices irrespective of their physical location.

Lafiya Telehealth has a team of tech-savvy medical professionals who specialize in anesthesiology, gynecology, family medicine, and other respective fields. This team helps in the smooth running of this program and reaches out to the people living in remote areas. Lafiya, for its operations, collaborates with board-certified doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacy stores, Medical lab outlets, Employers, HMOs, and telecom service providers, which has resulted in it becoming the Uber for healthcare in Africa.


The services offered by Lafiya Telehealth are designed to help every person invested in the healthcare industry including, patients, doctors, pharmacies, medical labs, HMO, and medical companies.

Instant Video/Voice Consultation (Lafiya App)

The Lafiya Application offers a 24/7 video consultation service, which allows the patients to get instant treatment and consultation by certified doctors at any given time. The idea behind the inception of this service was to reach out to the remote areas in Nigeria and Africa, where there is a lack of healthcare services.[13]

This service is fully operational even on a low bandwidth internet connection, considering the reception services of the remote areas.[14]

Lafiya Telepharmacy

This service by Lafiya aims at providing digital prescriptions and medication delivery services to the patients. Lafiya, for the smooth running of telepharmacy, partnered with reputable pharmacies and logistic companies to ensure satisfactory pharmaceutical care and drug delivery to the patients.

Lafiya Home Health Service

The Home Health Services provided by Lafia include physical examinations by the healthcare professionals that adhere to the ethical standards.

Telehealth E-Training Service

Lafiya also offers an E-Training service, which can be availed by anyone, be it the staff members, doctors, healthcare workers or people wishing to learn how to fully utilize Lafiya’s digital tools in order to get diagnosed, prescribed, and treated proficiently. Each course is specifically designed to accommodate the requirements of the clients.

What Makes Lafiya Telehealth Different?

Lafiya Telehealth is extremely sensitive to patient healthcare and focuses on full coordination and support with the patients and their family members. The platform aims at assisting people who are not capable of receiving primary health care services at any remote or rural location. Lafiya also delivers Telehealth Care Kits to individuals, enabling them to set up a semi-virtual clinic.

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