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Justin Secreti
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Born (1992-02-02) February 2, 1992 (age 32)
CitizenshipUnited States
Height5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
  • Dennis Secreti (father)
  • Catherine Fuoco (mother)

Justin Secreti (born February 2, 1992) is an entrepreneur, credit and funding coach, NFT and social media expert.[1] He is determined to achieve success and currently manages four different businesses simultaneously. His interests include learning and developing new skills, funding start-ups, building brands, and helping others to grow. In addition, he is a financial expert and regularly advises his 131,000 followers on Instagram about the importance of financial literacy and the power of digital marketing to scale a business.[2]

Early life and education

Secreti was born in Syracuse, New York, to Dennis Secreti and Catherine Fuoco. As a child, Secreti was always passionate about working in sales and dropped out of school in 11th grade. He landed his first sales job at the age of 17 at a granite company. After that, he worked as a manager at Verizon Wireless and spectrum business class before he left to start his first company.


Secreti left his job in 2019 and, shortly after, started his first company Bullseye Credit Repair, which focuses on helping people, entrepreneurs and businesses in fixing their credit reports by eliminating the negative items from their records and improving their credit scores.[3]

In 2021, Secreti started Project Automation, an Amazon FBA company.[4] They outsource the best-selling Amazon products and store them at their warehouse in Florida until they are ready to be dispatched by Amazon. They have a team of 100 experienced employees who handle all the customer service needs and refund requests of the products at their warehouse.

Later in the same year, Secreti then started his first marketing agency "Hypency," a social media marketing company led by a team of content marketers, social media managers, and other experts that work towards building the online presence of the client's company. Hypency works behind tapping the market space comprising various small businesses by addressing their digital marketing needs and building automated systems. It provides various services, including NFT marketing, CRM management, graphic designing, social media marketing and growth.

In early 2022, Secreti founded his first NFT project, “Moondusa.” He successfully sold out the entire project of 4,444 unique characters in just a few hours, which helped him make a name for himself on the Solana blockchain.

Secreti is now the co-founder of Project Fundable with his good friend Jose Garcia. Project Fundable is a business consultation company that teaches business owners and entrepreneurs to improve and achieve a perfect business credit score so they can obtain funding and leverage the money to earn multiple streams of income.

Apart from being a business owner, Secreti is also a financial expert who advises and teaches his followers on Instagram about cryptocurrency and trading. He has created particular highlights on his Instagram for his stories on lessons about credit, Amazon FBA, business funding, and social media marketing.

Personal life

Secreti spends his time learning new skills, developing new ways to grow his businesses, conducting free webinars and trainings, and teaching and helping people around him become more successful. In his free time, Secreti enjoys spending time with his family.


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