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Johnny Beig
Born (1983-05-08) May 8, 1983 (age 38)
Kashmir, India
EducationDouble Degree in Information Systems
Alma materVictoria University
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Analyst
OrganizationDioz Group
Known forSelf Made Entrepreneur with a company turning over 25+ Million USD
Height6 ft (183 cm)
RelativesTony Beig

Johnny Beig (born May 8, 1983) is an Australian Entrepreneur and Business Analyst.[1] He is a founder and vice president of Dioz Group. Beig has over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and the information technology industry, where he has shown exceptional growth in all aspects.

Beig is recognized along the side of his peers, employees and has worked with several renowned companies and institutions in his career including IBM, Hewlett Packard, Telstra, National Australia Bank, and Ministry of Defense, Australia.[2]

Beig for the success of the Dioz Group leveraged an international network of manufacturers to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) to thousands of frontline workers, corporations, healthcare facilities, pharmacies, consumers, and government agencies nationwide. He has been featured in several media outlets including LA Wire, Access Wire, AP News, Thrive Global, and others.[3]

Early life and education

Beig was born on May 8, 1983, in Kashmir, India. He grew up in a Kashmiri Muslim family. Beig’s father was a police commissioner in Kashmir. Due to the requirements of his job, Beig had to move often in order to cope with the existing terrorist activities. One of Beig’s earliest memories of living in a city overtaken by rebels was when he was 14 years old. His father was found unconscious with injuries to his legs, face, and neck, which would keep him cramped to a hospital bed for weeks. Though his father survived, the lasting impact this moment had on his family was motivation enough to seek a better, safer life away from Kashmir.

Two years later, Beig’s father and mother moved him and his siblings to Melbourne, Australia. To pursue further education, Beig enrolled in the Victoria University, Australia, acquiring a bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems.


Beig has gained substantial experience and knowledge as a project manager throughout his career. He has worked on numerous projects for several institutions and events including Lifetime Fitness, Miami Marathon, Vancouver Sun Run, Beirut Marathon, New Jersey Marathon, Georgia Marathon, BeastMode by Marshawn Lynch, Jarryd Hayne Apparel by Jarryd Hayne, GateRive Run, YMCA Dallas Turkey Trot and Seattle Marathon.[4]

Beig has also worked as a Brand Consultant for sports celebrities like Marshawn Lynch, Jarred Hayne and helped them start their brands by providing elite quality garments that are selling well.[5]

He started his career as an Internet Helpdesk Consultant at IPrimus(Australia) Pty Ltd in 2000. IPrimus is one of the biggest Internet companies in Australia.[6]

In 2003, Beig started working as a senior service desk analyst at Hewlett Packard. Hewlett Packard is the world's leading IT services provider, they are being outsourced by various corporate companies to run their network services.[7]

In 2004, Beig joined Telstra through Planwell Technology, which is a leading independent supplier of IT Service Management as a System Analyst for Remedy ITSM Application. This application is used for managing incidents, problems, change requests, and service requests.

From 2007 to 2009, he worked on Telstra OSS Transformation Project in the Customer Service Assurance (CSA) and Integration Domain for FICM. IBM is one of the leading IT Service Providers in the World. He worked on the OSSP Transformation Project in the Inventory Domain as a Business Process Analyst on RS003 which encompasses – Truesource/Subex Azure, Cramer, and GE Small World. He worked on the OSSP Transformation project in the Customer Care department as Test Lead looking after Siebel Production Verification Testing.[8]

In 2009, Beig joined the Department of Justice - ICMS Project, as a testing business analyst which is the biggest project undertaken by a government department. Dimension Data is a specialist IT services and solution provider, who helps clients plan, build, support, and manage their IT Infrastructures.[9]

In 2010, he worked at Telstra as a Business Analyst doing a Strategic Review of SOTB which is an application used for Workflow and Order Management. In the same year, he also worked on NAB NextGen Project as a Testing Manager for Customer Care & Organisation (CCO).

After gaining 15 years of experience in all facets of sales, marketing, and information technology industry working with major Tier 1 corporate companies, Beig established Dioz Group in 2006. It is a global leader in the manufacturing of Woven and Knitted Apparel items ranging from sportswear, medical uniforms, corporate uniforms, shoes, towels, bags, medical accessories, PPE's, and gift items.

Personal life

Beig is fluent in English and Urdu. He is a Semi-Pro cricket player and golfer. He currently lives in Beverly Hills, California, with his family.


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