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Jarom Smith
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Jarom Cordon Smith

(1987-08-10) August 10, 1987 (age 36)
CitizenshipUnited States
Height5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
  • William Ward Smith (father)
  • Catherine Ver Jean Smith (mother)
  • Angela Ver Jean Smith (Sister)
  • William Ward Smith (Brother)
  • Adam, Burton Smith (Brother)
  • Landon David Smith (Brother)

Jarom Cordon Smith (born 10 August 1987) is an American socio-emotional wellness coach, leadership coach, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker, and entertainer.[1] He is the founder of The Stronghold—a one-on-one coaching business known for helping individuals to take a positive shift in their lives and nurture their emotional wellbeing. Smith has been featured in Forbes as an expert in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence and Yahoo Finance as a young entrepreneur on the rise.[2]

Smith has gained recognition for facilitating people in their emotional and professional evolution and is also regarded as a highly acclaimed business and success coach. He is often seen at conferences and industry events speaking on the topics of emotional well-being, topics of business, influence, and other socially relevant topics.

Smith is also involved in several projects in the entertainment industry. He has built a wide professional circle comprising celebrities and other prolific personnel and often conducts social media live telecasts with them talking about a number of prevalent issues in society and how to overcome them.

Early life and education

Smith was born on 10 August 1987 in Escondido, California, to William Ward Smith and Catherine Ver Jean. He grew up with three brothers and a sister in a loving and supportive household. Smith completed his education at Oak Hill Elementary School, Hidden Valley Middle School, and San Pasqual High School. During his last 3 years of high school, he switched to Escondido Charter High School, graduating in 2005.

After completing high school, Smith moved to Arizona with his family and later became a missionary for his church in Tallahassee, Florida. After two years, he returned and began studying Health and Wellness. This is where he developed a newfound love for biology and psychology.


Smith started his career while he was studying health and wellness. During this time, he worked in the film industry as an actor and film producer. He did a couple of commercials and starred in a few shows and movies. Smith also made a number of celebrity friends and became a member of a wide social circle.

Later, Smith took a job with the McDonald's corporation doing events with Ronald McDonald. For over two years, he co-performed in shows with Ronald for the local communities free of charge.

After his exit from McDonald’s, Smith took a job at the Apex Leadership Company, a leadership event organizing company. Soon, he became a local celebrity, addressing conferences and events in schools and colleges. It was during this time that Smith found his calling in life and decided to pursue leadership coaching as his career option. Eventually, Smith even started working with a DJ company in an effort to book more MC work. While working there, he became a highly sought-after MC and DJ, which further helped him expand his portfolio.

After hosting a couple of social media live talks with his celebrity friends on some of the grave topics concerning mental health. Smith decided to shape his career as a presenter, focusing on Emotional Accountability and Leadership. He was then mentored by Emmy Award-winning speaker Clint Pulver, who also currently guides him to further build his career.

During the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic, Smith founded The Stronghold. A one-on-one coaching business with a subscription-based model that makes it possible to coach people individually at a very low cost. Smith by talking on emotional accountability and leadership aims to solve common distresses by removing shame based on subjective and unhealthy societal belief systems. He has since then gained mass acclaim for his unique perspective and has even been featured in Forbes. Smith is currently associated with a number of platforms such as VRLU, where he shares his opinions as a subject matter expert and is expected to take the TED stages in the upcoming future.

Personal life

Smith is an active member of the church and strongly believes in Jesus Christ. This belief saved him during some dark times. He was also a victim of high school bullying, which turned him to seek solace in God and have the belief that things will turn out to be better only if he goes on to have faith in himself.

Smith is passionate about indulging in adventure sports such as body surfing, cliff jumping, and canyoneering. He also likes to travel and in his free time stream movies with comfort food.

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