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Jabari Nkosi Nathaniel Voss.jpeg
Jabari Nkosi Nathaniel Voss

(1999-08-11) August 11, 1999 (age 24)
Other namesJabariOnTheBeat
CitizenshipUnited States of America
OccupationRecord producer
Known forMaking beats for American Hip-Hop Artists
  • RIAA Gold Certified (1 Gold Plaque)
  • Posse Scholarship
Musical career
Background information
  • Hip hop
  • Trap
  • R&B
  • Rap
  • Drill
Associated acts
  • Sewerperson
  • A Boogie wit Da Hoodie
  • Lil Tjay
  • J.I. the Prince of N.Y.
  • Polo G
  • Mozzy
  • Bizzy Banks
  • Stunna Gambino
  • Ron Suno

Jabari Nkosi Nathaniel Voss better known by his stage name JabariOnTheBeat is an American record producer, who is known for collaborations with mainstream music artists. He is best known for creating popular beats that are used by American Hip-Hop Artists.

In 2020, JabariOnTheBeat first collaborated with artist J.I. the Prince of N.Y. He produced the song "Used To" which was very successful (over 9 million views). Jabari then went on to also produce 3 songs on J.I.'s follow up EP "Welcome to GSTARR Vol. 1". Since then, he has never looked back and has worked and collaborated with music industry leaders including A Boogie wit Da Hoodie, Lil Tjay, Polo G, NoCap and a plethora of other musical artists.

JabariOnTheBeat is known for his inspiring story of battling depression and becoming a record producer. He has been covered by several publications for his inspiring story and has been able to build a following on his social handles for work.

Early life and education

JabariOnTheBeat was born in Brooklyn as Jabari Nkosi Nathaniel Voss. Right from his childhood, he had tough days. His father left when he was only 4. His early childhood he had to deal with the abuse his mother went through. He stayed to himself a lot. JabariOnTheBeat was always somewhat gifted with school, but a loner. He attended Summer College programs for Cornell University, Columbia University, and Carleton College throughout high school.

He was a routine straight A student, but he battled depression a lot. JabariOnTheBeat was hospitalized in the psych ward twice in 2018. He attended charter school his whole life until college. He attended Middlebury College for one semester on a Posse scholarship, and he is still currently a Posse Scholar.


JabariOnTheBeat is a producer and is currently based in Brooklyn. He is known for making beats for various different American Hip-Hop Artists. He currently has one RIAA certification, that being his one gold plaque from Popular American rapper Lil Tjay's "Destined 2 Win" album. The album is currently Gold.

He was born into a fragmented family. His dad left at age 4, and he had to witness his mom get over her addictions, and a lot of domestic abuse. However, he didn't take to his environment and instead stayed home, thus learning a lot of things on his own. Jabari was always super curious and excelled in school throughout his youth which he is still continuing. Although his grandma tried her hand at music in her young days, Jabari has no real musical training. He did however listen to a large variety of music because of his grandma, and his own musical curiosity.

JabariOnTheBeat started making beats in 2017, but he didn't get serious about producing until 2018. High School as a whole for him was tough because, although he was clearly smart and did accomplished many academic feats, he struggled with his depression a lot and was hospitalized to the psych ward on two suicide attempts in 2017.[1]

After the second hospitalization, Jabari started making beats on his computer using FL Studio and he fell in love instantly. At first, he used it as an outlet of sorts, but he began putting a tremendous amount of hours into it. Around the same time Jabari jumped into producing, he got accepted on a full-tuition scholarship to Middlebury college via the Posse scholarship.

College life in Vermont didn't go well, and Jabari fell into a horrible depression while in college. He didn't eat or leave his room, and he began making beats for hours, thrusting himself headfirst into the production world. He first started releasing beat tapes under the alias "legalvariety", but eventually moved on to his more well known alias now: "JabariOntheBeat". He started uploading on YouTube as JabariOnTheBeat. He was put on academic failure from Middlebury, and sent to do a year at community college in New York. Jabari ended up dropping out after this and started focusing on producing heavily. For 6 months, JabariOnTheBeat worked YouTube and figured out a formula that would make his channel explode. He ended up amassing 58k subscribers and 17 million total views.[2]

In 2020, JabariOnTheBeat linked up and developed with his first real artist J.I. the Prince of N.Y.. The first song he produced with J.I. was called "Used To", which went on to be a largely successful song. Jabari would then go on to produce 3 songs on his "Welcome to GSTARR Vol. 1" EP named "20k", "Love In The Club", and "Beautiful Girls" respectively.[3]

Further in 2020, Jabari went on to work with Mozzy, Polo G, 2KBABY, Stunna Gambino and Bizzy Banks, all popular American rappers.

Jabari has also branched out to UK acts as well and worked on Nines UK Billboard #1 Album Debut "Crabs In A Bucket". The album went on to win a MOBO Award for Album of the Year thus granting Jabari his first major international accomplishment.

He would also begin developing the bubbling underground artist "sewerperson" at this time. They ended up putting out about 5 albums together between 2020 - 2021 amassing millions of streams across multiple platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.[4]

In 2021, JabariOnTheBeat went on to work with Lil Tjay on his "Destined 2 Win" album. Granting him his first American plaque. The album went Gold and debuted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 for albums.

After this, Jabari would go on to DJ at Rolling Loud Miami and NYC as Stunna Gambino's full-time DJ. Jabari then finished out 2021 working with A Boogie wit Da Hoodie on his "B4 AVA" EP, in which he produced the track "Glasses".


Year Album Artist Credits
2021 B4 AVA A Boogie wit da Hoodie Producer
2020 Welcome to GStarr, Vol. 1 J.I the Prince of N.Y Producer
2020 Beyond Bulletproof Mozzy Producer
2020 Tunnel Vision Mozzy Producer
2020 Purple Charlie Sloth Composer
2020 New Money New Money Producer
2020 Mad 2KBABY Producer
2020 Knock You Down Bvlly Producer, Programmer
2020 Teks Sinatra Home for Winter Producer, Programmer
2020 Crabs in a Bucket Nines Producer
2020 Canada's Most Wanted 6ixbuzz Producer, Programmer
2020 Rockstar From The Trenches Stunna Gambino Producer
2021 What You Wanna Do Lil Tjay Producer
2021 For The Record BigKayBeezy & Ron Suno Producer
2019 I'll Never Tell Em' Shit Mozzy Producer
2019 Used To J.I. Producer
2020 K Sewerperson & JabariOnTheBeat Producer
2020 This Weekend Phora Producer
2020 ONE MAN ARMY Melvoni Producer

Awards and Recognition

  • RIAA Gold Certified (1 Gold Plaque)
  • Posse Scholarship

In the media



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