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IndustryMedical Services Provider
Founded2014; 10 years ago (2014)
FounderJohannes E. Schumacher
Number of locations
Key people
  • Johannes Schumacher
  • Brendan Murphy
  • Leanne Murphy
  • Celeste Campbell
  • Jake Mc Shane
  • Thomas Becker
ServicesAdvanced cancer therapies, with a specific focus on immunotherapy with Dendritic Cells

Immucura Med S.L. is a multilingual medical services provider with its headquarters in Spain, and offices in the UK, Germany and Gibraltar. It was founded in 2014 with the aim to facilitate the use of minimally invasive autologous (obtained from the same individual) immunotherapy using dendritic cells to fight cancer.[1]

Immucura Med S.L. is best known for offering cell based immunotherapy, and specifically dendritic cell therapy as an alternative or complementary treatment for fighting cancer.[2] Over and above that, the care and integrative support that each patient gets is what makes them stand out.

The company has been featured in several media outlets for its services including United British Expats magazine, Essential magazine, Marbella TV and Marbella Radio.


Immucura Med SL was founded in 2014 by Johannes E. Schumacher with the aim to offer advanced and personalized alternative medical options for people suffering from cancer. The idea of establishing Immucura was conceived by Schumacher after watching his father's battle against cancer. Initially, the company focused on setting up a well-grounded infrastructure, building a solid network and complying with the legal standards. Within three years Immucura started treating DCT patients in Spain, and from 2018, Immucura began to expand its services to other countries. It established branches in Germany, the United Kingdom and Gibraltar.[3]

Immucura is known for its innovative approach fighting against cancer using cell based immunotherapy. The company started carrying out dendritic cell therapy after extensive research and acquiring information about the American doctor Ralph Steinman, who discovered the existence of dendritic cells already back in 1973. In 2011 the Nobel Prize of medicine was assigned to Steinman for his finding of the critical role of these cells in immunotherapy.

Immucura has had over 80% of its patients experience positive results with its high performance cell-based immunotherapy. The treatment is focused on boosting the immune system so as to better identify and eliminate the cancerous cells in the patient’s body. Dendritic cell therapy can be used as a complementary or alternative treatment alongside chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. It can even be continued post-treatment for prevention.

Immucura Med also offers multiple treatment options such as Hyperthermia, nutritional consultation and psychological support.

The main mission of Immucura is to offer therapeutic options as alternatives to the traditional cancer treatments and to help patients choose the best ones according to their condition. As of 2021, Immucura is focused on developing a Cancer Diagnostic Centre of Excellence, which will be located in the south of Spain.

Products and services

Immucura offers scientifically advanced, personalized, and empathetic patient care throughout the treatment process. Apart from the Dendritic Cell Therapy, Immucura also offers Macrophage Activation Therapy (MAT), Natural Killer Cell Therapy (NKT), and Nanothermia. Not only that, but it also facilitates blood analysis, nutritional advice, targeted supplementation, and other complementary treatments for cancer patients.

Dendritic Cell Therapy (DCT) in 5 steps

  • Separation of the body’s own monocytes from the patient’s blood
  • Generate dendritic cells from the monocytes by loading them with information about the cancer’s characteristics
  • Administer the serum to the patient (9 days after the blood draw)
  • Dendritic cells activate the patient’s immune system to trigger a specific immune response against the cancer cells
  • Detecting and eliminating cancer cells. Active DCT is effective for 6 to 9 months.

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