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Hitch (Talent Mobility)
  • Computer Software
  • software as a service(SaaS)
HeadquartersSeattle, Washington
Area served
Key people
  • Kelley Steven-Waiss (Founder, CEO)
  • Jai Jaisimha (CTO)
  • Leela Gill (CMO)
  • Nancy Bush (CFO)

Hitch.Works, doing business as Hitch™, is a SaaS B2B platform for Internal Talent Mobility, designed for enterprise corporations[1].Hitch helps companies become more adaptive and innovative by connecting the right talent with the right tasks, based on employee skills, experiences, career goals, and location. In addition, its next-generation platform enables leaders to see, plan, and build core talent capabilities.

Hitch utilizes multiple data sources to build unique and innovative AI algorithms that feed into its cutting-edge knowledge graph relationships.[2] Hitch’s intuitive design delivers high-performance self-service functionality and is powered by its AI-driven Proprietary Skill RecommenderTM.

In addition to its core product functionality, Hitch offers full professional services capabilities for the Enterprise through its strategic partnership.

Talent Mobility Market

A Gartner survey estimated that the Internal Talent Marketplace will become a transformative market segment within the Human Capital Management sector which is estimated $26.5B by 2024.[3][4]

By using its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, Hitch matches the right skills to opportunities and projects. Companies using the platform build unbiased, cross-functional teams while keeping their workforce upskilled, reskilled, and engaged.


Hitch was first deployed in 2017 within HERE Technologies, and is the first company to the market with a greater than 70% adoption rate.

In 2020, Hitch registered as a C corporation and raised its initial venture-backed financing round.[5] Founder Kelley Steven-Waiss is an author, business leader, board director, and former Chief Innovation Officer and CHRO who brought together visionary HR practitioners, data scientists, and design experts to create the next-generation for the future of work.[6][7]

Hitch’s award-winning Founder and CEO, Kelley Steven-Waiss, and world-renowned HR industry analyst, Josh Bersin, partered in producing "Rethink Talent Mobility: Designing Talent Operating Models for the New Era", an event that discussed the mechanics of how to build a new talent operating model and outlined specific case studies.[8]

On February 16th, 2021 Hitch Works, Inc. receives funding from How Women Invest: a $10M leading venture fund focused entirely on female-founded and led companies. Julie Castro Abrams and Erika Cramer, General Partners, raised this Fund in record time during the pandemic from the trusted How Women Lead network committed to equity and breaking the glass ceiling.[9][10]


Hitch is a global company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington where its engineering team is centralized. In addition, the company maintains locations in Silicon Valley, California, Chicago, Illinois, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Berlin, Germany and Bangalore, India.

Products and Services

Hitch™ is a best-in-class Internal Talent Mobility Platform that accelerates productivity and performance within the enterprise with its existing talent. Hitch’s most used solutions include:

Skill Visibility - Hitch provides a complete picture of the skills in the workforce so companies can identify who is best suited to take on projects and roles. In addition, this visibility is provided to executives via intuitive dashboards that identify skill gaps before they are an issue. Career Pathing - Hitch offers career development that is tailored to the organization and based on the skills and aspirations of its workforce. The platform also identifies candidates for upskilling and reskilling.

Rapid Recruitment - With Hitch, companies can recruit, match, and fill open opportunities quickly with a rapid application process saving time and recruiting and hiring costs. Democratization of Work - The Hitch platform gives employees the freedom to choose work opportunities that interest them, enabling exceptional employee experience.

Redeployment - Hitch enables companies to match people with work, quickly redeploying them based on best-fit across departments.

Business Continuity Planning - With Hitch, companies can set a roadmap to avoid gaps in services during unprecedented events while identifying and maintaining crucial business skills through downturns and uncertain times.

Dynamic Teaming - Hitch enables companies to bring skill experts together, in a real-time and dynamic way, to develop new processes and complete projects quickly. Hitch matches people to teams based on their skills and locations, helping the enterprise workforce to work together around the globe.

Mentoring and Coaching - The Hitch platform has AI-driven mentor-matching and coach-matching which allows mentors and mentees to determine the amount of time spent together and set their own goals to drive better more personalized outcomes.

Skill Location Intelligence - Hitch allows companies to know where its talent resides so leaders can plan for projects based on skills intelligence.

Hitch Services include technical integration, client onboarding and change management services to ensure successful adoption of the platform across the enterprise. Hitch’s world-class change management services are proven and practitioner-led.

Hitch works with a variety of HR technology stacks and integrates with Applicant Tracking Systems, Learning Management Systems, HCMs, LinkedIn, online survey tools, and more. Hitch offers a large. global integration ecosystem that includes companies like ICIMS, AWS, SAP Success Factors, and other gold-standard capability programs.


Hitch offers its clients full professional services capabilities through its partnership ecosystem and advocates.


Kelley Steven-Waiss, Founder and CEO of Hitch Works Inc. was the recipient of the Most Influential Corporate Directors Award in 2019 by Womens, Inc.[11][12]and the YWCA’s Tribute to Women Awards in 2020.[13] She serves on the board of FormFactor, Inc. (NASDAQ: FORM),[14] and is the Chair of the Advisory Board for the Silicon Valley Education Foundation.

Steven-Waiss is the Co-Author of The Inside Gig:[15] How Sharing Untapped Talent Across Boundaries Unleashes Organizational Capacity, a book that helps companies unlock the hidden skills within their organizations to maximize their talent, increase agility, and thrive.[16] The book is co-authored with Edie Goldberg, PhD, and endorsed by Josh Bersin,world-renowned HR industry analyst and through leader, who wrote the forward. It was published in April 2020.

Steven-Waiss is an active member of the HR technology community and is a sought-after speaker, with keynotes and panels including Singularity, Disrupt HR, and NACD (National Association of Corporate Directors). She is a Forbes HR Council Member, Contributor, and has been interviewed and quoted in many publications including Forbes,[17] Authority Magazine,[18] Financial Times,[19] and HRTechnologist.[20]


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