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Himank Seth
Himank Seth.jpg
Born (1992-12-13) December 13, 1992 (age 29)
Udaipur, Rajasthan
Alma materGeetanjali Institute of Technical Studies
Years active2015-present
  • Affinity Steps
  • Aapico Steps
  • 7H
  • Avoof
  • Afirmer
Known forFounder of Affinity Steps
Height6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
Board member ofAvoof
  • Prakash Chandra Seth (father)
  • Asha Seth (mother)

Himank Seth (born 13 December 1992) is an Indian entrepreneur, author, admin on Wikitia, PR expert, Wikipedia expert, software developer, investor, Knowledge graph expert, and forensic digital marketing expert.[1] He is the founder of 7H, Aapico Steps, Thinkisthan, IndianStudentz, Affinity Steps, Afirmer, and several other companies. Seth continued to innovate and diversify sales channels for his high profile clientele creating brand awareness programs and helped them gain search visibility.[2][3][4]

Seth has been associated with more than 200 publications and podcasts, both nationally and internationally. He is known to build close professional relationships with media outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC, Inman, Fox News, Yahoo, and others.[5]

Early life

Born in Udaipur, Himank Seth is the first son of Prakash Chandra, mining engineer, businessman, granite and marble trader, and Asha Seth.[6] The couple married in 1991 and has 2 children. Through his father, Himank Seth is a descendant of the Indian Engineer and in his turn, the boy was interested in engineering, particularly programming, automation, AI, machine learning, learning the basic principles from his father at a young age. Seth's interest in technology was inherited from his father, an alumnus of the College of Technology and Engineering. Seth started his education at MDS School and developed a keen desire to outperform in events, and this helped to improvise communication skills. In 2011, Seth completed his higher education at St. Anthony’s School. In 2015, Himank graduated from Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, Udaipur affiliated with Rajasthan Technical University.[7][8][9][10][11][12]


Himank Seth began his career with the creation of a group, IndianStudentz. The group has collaborated with industrial training giants like HCL, Aura Group, HP, and others to create a customized economic package for over 200 engineering students to learn and develop skills in all 3 major technologies (Java, PHP, and .NET).[13]

  • In 2014, Seth founded Techvulture a website design company to serve patrons with unified powerful web solutions in the last year of his bachelor's of engineering.
  • In 2015, With the completion of his degree, He joined an MNC to gain hands-on experience with dealing with US/UK-based clients.
  • In 2017, Seth invested all his savings to launch his new startup 7H.
  • In 2019, He started a pilot project named Thinkisthan.
  • In 2020, Started working as an operational manager in Avoof, Founded Affinity Steps, an RPO and lead generation company, and Acquired Afirmer for an undisclosed amount.

Awards and recognition

Himank Seth has received several awards below are some of selected Awarded the best project in the school’s Computer Science Dept. In 2011, Awarded as “Ethical hacker” under the guidance of Sunny Vaghela by Mewar University. In 2012, Awarded as “Top 5 students” from HCL career development dept. In 2015, Got recognition in the college for the implementation of the ERP system in the Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies.

In the media



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