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Hedge Fund
IndustryInvestment management
Founded2020; 2 years ago (2020)
  • Alexander Cavendish (CEO)
  • Suman Bannerjee (CIO)
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California, United States
Key people
  • Neel Aryan Birla (Head of Investor Relations)
  • Arthur de Smet (VP Operations)
  • Richard Gerber (Partnerships)

Hedonova is an American alternative investment management firm founded in 2020 by Alexander Cavendish and Suman Bannerjee.[1] Headquartered in LA, California with offices in Paris and Tallinn. Hedonova invests in asset classes like wine, equipment finance, NFTs, litigation finance, art, students, startups,[2] real estate, and other alternative asset classes.[3]

The firm is regarded as a successful hedge fund with a unique investment portfolio that has managed to get a net return of over 55.2% annualized IIR since inception. Cryptocurrency and litigation financing are the highest-earning assets of Hedonova with annualized returns of 700 percent and 58 percent, respectively. Hedonova also makes investments with other alternative asset plarforms like Masterworks, Fundrise, Otis and other.[4]

History and operations

Hedonova was founded in 2020 and is structured as a SEC qualified Delaware LLC 506(c) Regulation D fund. Hedonova, within a year, expanded its presence globally signing with investors from over 18 countries. The company currently has a core team of 16 members including investors, economists, researchers, engineers, and marketers, who are ex-traders from Davidson Kempner (one of the largest hedge funds in the world.) The highlighting feature of Hedonova is that it has a minimum investment of $1000, which is rather modest when compared to other platforms.[5]

Hedonova is currently led by Alexander Cavendish, who serves as the CEO, and Suman Bannerjee, who serves as the CIO. Under their leadership, the company has created a vast portfolio spread across a diversified range of access classes, geographies, and risk profiles.[6] Hedonova operates feeder funds in India, Singapore and Luxembourg in order to expand presence in Europe and Asia.[7]


Hedonova has raised a total of $17.4M in funding over 3 rounds from major investors including Everbright and Northstar Global Partners. The company manages $82 million as of December 2021.[8]


Hedonova's portfolio is diverse, with a combination of investments that increase in value and income-generating assets that give out a consistent income, resulting in a well-balanced portfolio.[9] These include:

  • Fine art
  • Data center real estate
  • Vacation rental real estate
  • Startups
  • Cryptos, NFTs and Web3
  • Agricultural economy
  • Students from top universities
  • Equipment financing
  • Listed equities
  • EM P2P Lending
  • VC/PE funds
  • Media Royalties
  • Litigation Finance
  • Wine

In the media


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