Gabriela Rumenova Kirova

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Gabriela Rumenova Kirova
Gabriela Rumenova Kirova.jpg
Gabriela Rumenova Kirova

March 31
Pernik, Bulgaria
Alma materUniversity of National and World Economy
  • More Women in Power (Co-founder)
  • Gabriela & Wolf (Founder & Creative Director
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
  • Rumen Kirov (father)
  • Lili Kirova (mother)

Gabriela Kirova (born March 31) is a Bulgarian fashion designer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and political activist. She is the founder and creative director at the luxury fashion brand Gabriella & Wolf.[1]

Additionally, Kirova is the co-founded the organization "More Women in Power," which aims to promote greater female participation in politics and corporate leadership roles.[2] She is also an active philanthropist who supports numerous causes, including aiding young entrepreneurs and supporting orphanages in Bulgaria.[3]

Early life and education

Gabriela Kirova was born and spent her very early years in Pernik, Bulgaria. She graduated from Simeon Radev High School. While studying in high school, Gabriela produced a radio show featuring popular Bulgarian music and interviewed some of the country's most famous singers. She was also the most noticed young actor at the school of Masha Mihailova and played in numerous famous theatre plays. After high school, she moved to Sofia, her mother's hometown, to pursue higher education. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia and a Master's Degree in Developing Smart Cities.


During her 20s, Kirova moved to London to pursue a course in business English. In an attempt to stand out while adhering to the strict dress codes enforced by exclusive membership clubs like Annabel's and 5 Heartford Street, Kirova began designing her attire, primarily dresses. Her designs became popular, and she was encouraged to start her brand.[4]

A few months later, Gabriela Kirova founded the luxury brand Gabriella & Wolf, which was inspired by the modern idea of "The Beauty and the Beast." The brand focuses on eco-friendly materials and innovative designs.[5] Her fashion boutique is located in Mayfair, on South Molton Street off Bond Street, under the names of Chrestomanci and Gabriella. The store's lower level comprised multiple shops, while the second floor was dedicated solely to her designs, and the top floor housed her atelier.[6]

Gabriela also followed her passion for movies. In 2017, she produced her own film, Fearless. She plays the main character in it where she is Estelle, the wife of the director of a big pharmaceutical company developing a new drug. The movie is a thriller and shows the choice between Fear and Love.[7]

Gabriela is also involved in the planning of a town that prioritizes safety, local food production, and renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics and water power plants. The town will be designed so that residents can access hospitals easily and reach any destination within 15 minutes by foot.[8]

Gabriela is an advocate for political change. In 2022, she co-founded "More Women in Power," an organization aimed at promoting greater female participation in politics and increasing their representation in high-ranking corporate roles. Kirova and her organization strive to establish equal opportunities for women in politics to foster and uphold democracy.[9]


Kirova is actively engaged in philanthropy, advocating for several causes, such as empowering young entrepreneurs to secure investments and supporting orphanages in Bulgaria. She is also committed to working with organizations that aid individuals in need and homeless populations in Italy. Kirova is a patron of UNICEF and regularly participates in the annual Luisaviaroma and UNICEF Charity Gala held in Capri. Beyond making financial contributions, she leverages her network, time, and resources to effect positive change in her native country, Bulgaria.[10]

Personal life

Kirova currently lives in Mayfair, London, United Kingdom, and is a proud mother to her son Alexander.


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