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FounderAaron Jack
Key people
  • Aaron Jack
  • Jan Frey
ServicesThe Freelance Developer Bootcamp – Taking people from Zero to Freelance Developer

Freemote is a self-paced 7-week intensive training boot camp created for freelance developers. It was launched in 2021 by Aaron Jack with the aim to help freelance coders become expert eCommerce and web developers.

Freemote provides a seven-week training that focuses on four important areas to assist developers progress from novice to expert. The highlighting feature of this program is that it is fully remote and offers one on one training sessions facilitated by industry experts.

Freemote has gained recognition for helping students secure great work and freelancing contracts immediately after completing the course, highlighting the specific, tightly focused abilities they learned during the seven-week Bootcamp.


Freemote was launched by Aaron Jack, a San Francisco-based programmer when he discovered the massive potential in freelancing. After working as a freelancer himself, Aaron discovered that where this sector holds massive job opportunities, there is a gap that requires much-needed attention - teaching people how to tap into the power of freelancing. Soon he teamed up with a fellow programmer and YouTuber Jan Frey to create the next generation of coding Bootcamp that is fully remote, freelance-oriented, and super effective.


Over the course of seven weeks, Freemote instructs students on how to:

Pick a booming niche: Investigate the sector and pick a development niche that is currently popular and holds much growth potential.

Learn Narrow, Not Broad: Freemote teaches students to concentrate their attention, teaching them to master one facet of development at a time, making them significantly more marketable to employers.[1]

Real-Life Projects: Freemote encourages real-world projects. These genuine projects demonstrate to employers that a developer is capable of dealing with real-world issues, which are typically significantly more difficult than the phony projects generated for portfolio purposes.

Use Projects as Leverage: The final step in the process is to use the real-world projects that students have completed to find work.


Aaron Jack, the company's founder, and current CEO, has over 4 years of professional programming expertise. Jan Frey, a lead instructor at Freemote has over 3+ years of eCommerce dev experience and is regarded as one of the best Shopify experts.


The major features and focus areas of this bootcamp include:

  • Web Development (JSON, APIs, AJAX, DOM.)
  • eCommerce Development
  • Freelancing tactics and skills development
  • Front End development including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • How to set up Shopify stores
  • Shopify development, Liquid, ThemeKit, Sections, and more

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