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Fabrizio Facchini
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Alma mater
  • Antico Borgo Boutique Hotel & Ristorante, Arcevia Italy
  • Cotto – Cucina Italiana New York City
  • Stellina Ristorante - Oyster Bay NY
  • Cardinali Bakery – Syosset NY
  • Cardinali Market – Oyster Bay NY
  • FFS Hospitality Group – New York

Fabrizio Facchini is an Italian chef, restaurateur, television personality, and philanthropist based in New York.[1] He is the founder of Antico Borgo Boutique Hotel and Restaurant that has been awarded a Michelin star from the red guide Michelin Italia. And in the USA, he’s the Founder and Co-Owner of the FFS Hospitality Group that owns and operates restaurants and a chain of Bakeries and Markets. Facchini is also the official Brand Ambassador for the 1852 Truffle Company, Urbani Truffles,[2] and a 1912 Pasta Company,[3] Pastificio G. Di Martino.[4][5]

Facchini is also a renowned TV personality known for his appearances in Food Network Guy's Grocery Games S18 E10, NBC 7 San Diego, FOX 5 NY, Rai 1 Italy, PBS Schenectady, and Beat Bobby Flay, #EPCC - E Poi c'e Cattelan Show. He is also the Co-Chair of Cooks Alliance Slow Food USA and Cooks Alliance President Slow Food New York State.[6]

Facchini, apart from his exceptional strides in the F&B and hospitality industry, is also an avid philanthropist.[7] He is associated with several charities - AICNY, Food For Soul, Sons of Italy, Nature Kids in Costa Rica, No Kids Hungry, Noah Homes San Diego, Food Bank NY, and others. During the global pandemic, he also founded Italians Feed America, an organization that assisted individuals in need in fighting hunger and helping restaurant frontline workers.[8]

The Italian American Chamber of Commerce in New York has honored Facchini for his efforts in promoting authentic Italian cuisine to the United States. Since 2012, he has been featured in the Michelin Italy Guide, as well as numerous other famous guides, publications, newspapers, and culinary blogs throughout the world.[9]


Facchini has studied at the University for Foreigners in Perugia in Italy and at the University of Central Florida. Apart from that, Facchini holds multiple course certifications from Institut Marie Jose and Collège Saint-Louis, Liege Belgium and a degree in Real Estate from Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg.


In 2015 Facchini moved from Italy with his family to San Diego and since then he has opened and developed different concepts and restaurants such Clandestino & Facchini's in San Diego, Taverna Novo in Saratoga Springs in Upstate NY, Cotto – Cucina Italiana[10] in the new Renaissance Hotel in Chelsea New York, and Stellina Ristorante in Oyster Bay NY to name a few. In 2020, he also took over the famous historical and renowed Long Island Bakery Cardinali open since 1990 and he developed the chain Cardinali Bakeries and Markets, locations in Syosset and Oyster Bay in New York State.

In 2018, Facchini was invited to cook a dinner at the prestigious James Beard House. In the same year, he also participated in Denver at Slow Food Nations[11] Festival where he cooked at the Zero Waste Family Meal with Massimo Bottura and other famous chefs.

Facchini established the Italian Kitchen at Slow Food Nations 2019, inviting and partnering with renowned chefs, food lovers, and authors such as Antonio Starita, Alex Seidel, Alice Waters, and others.[12]

Facchini is the Chair of the Cooks Alliance for Slow Food USA and Slow Food NY State.

In 2020, he also became a member of the prestigious Associazione Italiana Ambasciatori Del Gusto, founded by the food critics and awarded chefs such Paolo Marchi, Massimo Bottura, Cristina Bowerman.

Apart from that, Facchini also runs a catering and events business with his wife Samira. Together they have hosted events in multiple luxury locations spread across New York City, Long Island & the Hamptons, Capital Region & Saratoga Springs. Facchini also offers private chef services and has acquired extensive experience of over a decade serving UHNWI, celebrities, and VIPs.[13]


Facchini is the Chair of the Cooks Alliance for Slow Food USA and New York State and a board member as Adviser of AICNY (Association Italian Chefs Of New York) and is also involved in several other charitable foundations such as Food For Soul, Nature Kids in Costa Rica, Sons of Italy, No Kids Hungry, Food Bank NY, Noah Homes San Diego and others. He is often seen spearheading the operations and actively participating in fundraising Events like NYCWFF and City Harvest in order to raise money to help the community and support various causes.[14]

Facchini started the non-profit Italians Feed America during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, with an aim to help people in need battle hunger, feed frontline workers, and support the hospitality industry as a whole. Hundreds of thousands of meals have been delivered by the organization to Americans and New Yorkers. Chef Fabrizio pioneered the success of this nonprofit with the help of friends and family including Rocco Dispirito, Elizabeth Falkner, Michele Mazza, Francesco Panella, and Cesare Casella, among other philanthropists.[15]

Licenses and certifications

  • Lodge Member Sons of Italy, Order Sons of Italy in America, Issued in 2017
  • Chef Alliance Slow Food in USA, Slow Food, Issued in 2018 to 2021
  • Chef Alliance Slow Food Italy, Slow Food, Issued in 2012 to 2021
  • AICNY Member New York, AICNY, Issued in 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Ambaciatiori Itialiani del Gusto, Issued in 2020, 2021
  • Michelin Guide Italy, Issued 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018
  • Locande d’Italia Slow Food Editor Italy, Issue in 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Best Tripadvisor Top Rated Hotel Marche Region Italy, Issued in 2013 & 2014
  • Best Restaurant Top Rated Marche Region Italy Italy, Issued in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015
  • Italian Chamber Awards Marche Region, Best Restaurant. Issued in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
  • Italian American Chamber Awards New York City, Best Italian Restaurant. Issued in 2018, 2019

Personal life

Facchini is married to Samira and they have four children.

In the media


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