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Extreme Commerce
Founded2017, Pakistan
FounderSunny Ali
Area served
United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Pakistan
ServicesEcommerce training
Type of site
E-commerce Consultancy
Available inEnglish

Extreme Commerce is a Pakistan based eCommerce platform and ecosystem that offers e-commerce consultancy for selling on Amazon to Individuals and businesses in the country. The company was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur, Sunny Ali with a vision to make Pakistan a global eCommerce back-office hub, by enabling more than 10,000 Amazon FBA Pakistani Entrepreneurs leading to increased employment opportunities, injecting USD1 billion in Pakistan’s economy. Since, it’s founding Extreme Commerce has established itself as the fastest entrepreneurial platform in Pakistan. It has made a big impact on the community where 93% of its members get free access to it’s training program, helping them earn $500 up to $3000 a month either from freelancing services or launching their own business on Amazon and other global eCommerce platforms.[1]

Extreme Commerce works with it’s members to start their online business. They need to register as a member and the company’s consultants offer practical knowledge to help the members succeed in setting up their business on Amazon and further help in increasing their sales and foothold internationally. Extreme Commerce has garnered immediate attention by the media and is widely recognized for its mission to provide better opportunities through its platform. The company has seen immense growth and has become the country's most popular online ecosystem with major news media outlets covering it as a leader in its league and a promising socio-economic contributor on a national scale. [2]


Extreme Commerce was founded in 2017 as a knowledge-sharing community to help it’s members grow their eCommerce businesses by establishing their footprint on Amazon and other global platforms. The company started helping individuals in Pakistan and abroad by mentoring them on business strategies and imparting practical eCommerce business knowledge through it’s training and seminars enabling them to become top-notch eCommerce professionals. The platform gained immediate visibility and traction as it addressed the local needs of online sellers and bridged them with global solutions.[3]

Within a period Extreme Commerce transformed from the largest amazon sellers community in Pakistan to an entire self-sustaining ecosystem, offering knowledge sharing and mentor-ship, business and partnership deals, and customized income and wealth-generating solutions for its members.

Sunny Ali serves as CEO of Extreme Commerce and is focused on educating its members on identifying and developing revenue streams around the global eCommerce opportunities available to them.[4]


Extreme Commerce started its operations from Pakistan and after seeing unprecedented growth, it has expanded internationally and has a presence in Frankfurt, Toronto, Melbourne, London, Birmingham, Dubai, Jubail, Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Madinah.[5]


  • 2017- 1k members - 3 locations
  • 2018- 10k members - 5 locations
  • 2019 - 20k members - 10 locations
  • 2020 - 100k members - 16 locations in Pakistan & 8 locations globally

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