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Eternal Utopia NFT
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Developer(s)H & J innovations

Eternal Utopia NFT is an Ethereum based Algorithm-generated NFT collection of human characters that dwell on an alternate version of the planet Earth. It was started by artists, collectors, and experts with the purpose of adding value to the NFT community.[1]

A new colour palette and shading group are used by the artist to create each one-of-a-kind piece of art, which is entirely hand-sketched. There are eleven distinct Utopian races. Eternal Utopia NFT is created by Fort Lauderdale, FL based company H&J Innovations.[2]


Each Eternal Utopia is a non-fungible token (NFT) that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The storyline revolves around an alternate planet earth. On the Eternal Utopia NFT, a unique collection of 10,000 algorithm created human-like characters that dwell in an alternate planet, a world rich of individuality, come together to form a single entity known as the Eternal UtopiaTM NFT.

They were originally released for a price of 0.1ETH during minting and could be claimed by anyone with an Ethereum wallet. Owners of Eternal Utopia NFT will have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes, exclusive events, and exclusive certificate of authenticity retail items as a result of holding the cryptocurrency (collectible phygital).

Phygital will bring the fashion industry and the NFT market together by enabling collectors to mint NFT and have a unique Certificate of Authenticity on items that represents certain NFT characteristics.

Exclusive incentives and over $600,000 in giveaways are available to all Eternal Utopia NFT holders as part of the company's long-term ambition. Over $300,000 in some of the most important pieces of art of their time, acquired in partnership with two of the world's greatest art galleries (GGA Gallery and Eden Fine Art Gallery), as well as over $25,000 in customised design garments created by Etai Drori.


Eternal Utopia NFT ownership is tracked via a transaction protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. In the form of an ERC-721 token, the Eternal Utopia collection of 10,000 randomly produced and unique characters may be found on the Ethereum blockchain.

They are also working on anti-bot code, their Research and development team are investigating the use of cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to monitor and classify all requests made to web-based systems, and to analyse bot traffic in real time.


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