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Emma Jane Taylor
Emma Jen.jpg
Born (1972-09-13) September 13, 1972 (age 49)
CitizenshipUnited Kingdom
Alma mater
  • Spinfield Primary School, Marlow, Buckinghamshire
  • Newlands Girls Senior School, Maidenhead, Berkshire
  • Henley College, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
  • Child Sex Abuse Activist
  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Mentor / Corporate Behavioural Change Trainer
  • Founder of the Works Co
Known for
  • Her work as a Child Sex Abuse Activist - Author / Speaker on the subject
  • Her speech at the Celebrity Chef Dinner, Guildhall for the NSPCC, raising £22,000 for her speech alone
Height5 ft 4 in (163 cm)

Emma Jane Taylor (born Emma Jane Brown on September 13, 1972 ) is a British entrepreneur, author, mentor and keynote speaker.[1] She is the Founder of The Works Company - a series of lifestyle businesses,[2] Breaking the Silence and the Project 90/10 Charity, founded in 2021 to reduce Child Sex Abuse. Taylor is also the presenter for The Silenced radio chat show on YOWAH Radio that focuses on the subject of Child Sex Abuse.[3]

Taylor is best known for her work as a child sex abuse activist, her autobiographical book - Don’t Hold Back, and as a corporate behavioral change trainer. Taylor is also the brand ambassador for a number of organizations; Smart Works Reading, Riverside Counselling Henley, Berkshire Community Foundation Reading and World Jenny’s Day. She was also the ambassador for Bio-Extracts in Las Vegas where she presented their product to the American TV Channels. In 2021 she was one of the many volunteers honored with a Queen’s Award for her role as an Ambassador with Smart Works Reading. She continues to support various local charities and communities through her work.[4]

Taylor writes regularly for various media connections & publications and has been featured in several media outlets for her exceptional work. Her powerful life story was also headlined in The Sun newspaper.[5] Other magazines and media have included; BBC Berkshire, Happiful Magazine, Love it! Magazine, Divine Breadcrumb Boston, Henley Life, Berkshire Life, Henley Standard,[6] Her Edit Magazine, Industry Leaders,[7] Women’s Lines Magazine Singapore, We are the City, Love What Matters and Grazia Magazine.

Early life and education

Taylor was born (Emma Jane Brown) on September 13, 1972. When she was three years old, her parents separated. She grew up with her mum and a stepdad. While growing up, Taylor had the company of her two brothers and from time to time her two step-siblings, she also visited her biological father every other weekend.

When Taylor was nine years old she was sexually abused by a restaurant owner who had befreiend her family on holiday.

Three years later, her biological father stopped seeing her and she lost all contact with him for the years to come.

At the age of 13, missing her Father, Taylor found solace in an acquaintance of the family. He went on to groom her and she was again subjected to sexual abuse by the said acquaintance, further fueling her insecurities.

All this while, Taylor’s education suffered a lot and she succumbed to the dark side to cope - taking drugs, alcohol abuse and also became addicted to aerosols and painkillers. During her teenage years, she also struggled with paranoia, OCD, night terrors, eating disorders and various addictions. Due to her reckless behaviour her school consulted with a junior psychiatrist who then labeled her a juvenile delinquent.

Taylor finished high school with just a GCSE in PE and was told she was a failure, the girl going nowhere. In the years to come and to recover from being abused as a child she went into therapy, learning to deal with her trauma of Child Sex Abuse and to cope with the issues from her biological Father rejecting and abandoning her.


Taylor began her career in 1982 as a child performer. She participated in a number of shows in the upcoming six years including as a child performer in Cinderella with Dennis Waterman and Rula Lenska, Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Michael Holloway, and Paddington Bears Magical Musical to name a few. Simultaneously she also modelled for My Guy Magazine for a period of two years in their photo-stories.[8]

Upon leaving high school, Taylor trained as a hairdresser for two years and in 1991 she began doing Cabaret Dancing around the U.K. For the coming two years she travelled across Spain working as a barmaid, nanny, and a watersports rep for S’Algar Diving Centre. From 1993 to 1997, she took up several temporary jobs with companies; Redrow Homes, Trend Communications, Maritz, Johnson & Johnson, Dun & Bradstreet and with Karen Fraser and Colin Love at Virtual Health Solutions where she provided an integral role in supporting the development of their business at a crucial time. Her skills during this time of temporary roles; receptionist, secretary, personal assistant, office manager, data input, telesales / telesales manager, assistant to the buying department and architect team. She took on a full-time sales role with Danka UK in 1996.[9]

In 1997, Taylor decided to leave the corporate world and began teaching adult dance lessons. She choreographed Me & My Girl for HAODS, Henley-on-Thames with Julia Rymer. Over the next few years, she set up adult dance classes, and worked closely with Director Lloyd White as his choreographer for over 20 shows at The Kenton Theatre in Henley and also at The Hexagon in Reading. Simultaneously she also became a certified (L3 PT) fitness coach and was fortunate enough to have been trained by Linda Moseley at Sunrise Personal Training in Beaconsfield, where she also trained a number of high profile clients.

In 2000, Taylor founded StageWorks Performing Arts School in Henley for children. Since then she has established branches in Cookham, Benson, Caversham, and went on to franchise and sold a school in Bristol.

In 2010, and staying close to her fitness roots, Taylor founded NutritiousWorks range of fitness classes for adults based in Henley.

From 2013 to 2016 she presented The Wellbeing Show for That's TV, Oxford which went on to become one of the most popular shows on the network. During this time, Taylor found out that she had imposter syndrome, and decided to make some changes in her routine and lifestyle. She decided to share her personal and traumatic story at The Media Hub founded and hosted by Sarah Parfitt. In the same year (2017), Taylor was invited to be on the front cover of Venus Women's Magazine, which is where she shared on a bigger scale, her personal and traumatic story.

In 2018, Taylor released her debut book Don't Hold Back which is available on Amazon.[10] Soon she gained a niche popularity and was invited to a number of radio shows including Marlow FM, River Radio, Inspire Radio where she became a wellbeing presenter focusing on real-life stories that make a difference, and supported the people (like herself) suffering in silence.

In 2020, Taylor founded founded Breaking the Silence, an online support network for anyone struggling in silence. A year later she gave a speech at TEDxLondonDerry titled ‘It is not just the strangers we should be careful of’, which has been shared around the world. In 2021 she founded Project 90/10 - a charity that is focused on reducing Child Sex Abuse through education, awareness, protecting and workshops.[11]


Taylor is the author of Don’t Hold Back which covers her personal and traumatic story of struggle and hardship. Using her own painful and compelling story, she gives her audience the mental and emotional freedom to live their lives as they like, both personally and professionally. By sharing her story of recovery, speaking up and forgiveness, Taylor offers hope and insight into the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity and trauma.

Awards and recognition

  • Best Trainer, Muddy Awards
  • Finalist in the Venus Women Influential Women of the Year Awards
  • Finalist in the Sue Ryder Inspirational Woman of the Year Awards


As a profound Child Sex Abuse Activist she also uses her professional and personal lessons to support many industries including her role as a corporate Behavioural Change trainer. Taylor has spoken at a number of events and worked with many top brands including:

  • St Edwards Primary prep school Safe-Guarding trainer
  • AWS, Behavioural Change workshops
  • Londonderry TEDx Speaker, ‘It’s not just the strangers we should be careful of’
  • Newton Europe, Behavioural Change Workshops
  • Headlined, The Sun newspaper
  • Barclays Bank, Behavioural Change workshops
  • Oxfordshire Primary school safe-guarding trainer
  • Speaker at the House of Commons for SmartWorks Reading 4th Birthday with MP Alok Sharma and Sarah Burns MBE
  • LoveIt National magazine
  • BBC 3‘Eye to Eye’, sharing real stories with strangers
  • Co-Host for the annual Venus Awards at The Madejski Football Stadium
  • Presenter for Dr Darren McKeown (BBC) for his new product launch in Edinburgh

Taylor has also been a guest speaker on several podcasts and radio shows including Second Chance with Netflix’s Raphael Rowe and Unbroken with Madeleine Black. Some of her other well-known podcasts include: Men’s Radio Station with Russ Kane and Phil Dave, BBC Berkshire with Phil Kennedy Drivetime, Wellbeing with Bill Buckley, Andrew Peach Show and Michelle Jordan, Radio Lantau Hong Kong with Kimberely Kleczka.

Personal life

Taylor for the most part of her young life struggled with nerves, night terrors, late development, OCD, PTSD, nausea, eating disorders, paranoia, anxiety.

As an adult she has taken her difficulties through many years of therapy to find her peace and to help others find their hope and success. She continues to share her support for the millions of people suffering in silence around the world, and to raise awareness for the many young people being abused today by someone they love.

Today Taylor currently lives happily with her partner, her daughter and her beloved pets.

In the media



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