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Elysium Club NFT
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Elysium Club is a collection of 6888 unique chests that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Elysium aims to reshape the world of high luxury by providing its holders with free private jet flights, free luxury apartment stays and priority passes.[1] Inspired by the ‘millionaire’ lifestyle, the project offers exclusive events and giveaways in the metaverse, networking events and free luxury car rentals.[2]


To ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to luxury, the creators of Elysium Club have created a new business model that contains the unique combination of blockchain technology, fractionalized ownership, and traditional membership systems to reshape the world of high luxury, thus making luxury available to all. Elysium Club intends to bring the benefits of blockchain into the mainstream world through the power of leveraging a "millionaire"lifestyle in a way that makes sense to the everyday user.[3]

Elysium Club also offers benefits such as priority passes, luxury apartment stays, and private jet charters. For private jet flights, first slots will be available for Legendary and Super Rare NFTs. Elysium Club holders will be able to book luxury apartment stays in cities across the world and will also have access to booking chartered jet flights.[4]

The collection has already sent holders out on a week-long charter in the Maldives with their partner Super Yachts Monaco, as well as hosted their first North American event in Miami for holders at the Cardozo Hotel. The project’s target audience are those in the NFT sphere tired of PFP projects with little to no utility.[5]

Club holders are automatically enrolled to receive a Priority Pass membership, which grants access to the project’s list of benefits, such as entry to more than 1,300 premium airport lounges across the world. The Club’s minting price is 0.6 ETH and it witnessed its public sale on 28th January, 2022.[6]

A portion of the Elysium Club’s profits is distributed to its partners and subentities, while the rest are utilized to give the token holders their privileges as members.[7]

Roadmap of Elysium Club NFT

Q1 2022

  • Access to airport lounges in partnership with Priority Pass for all holders.
  • Booking of Luxury Apartments in New York, Los Angeles, London and Singapore for all NFT holders available immediately at launch.
  • Booking of private jet flights for Legendary and Super Rare NFT Holders in Partnership with “AirCharter”
  • Exclusive Events in Cities around the world for all holders.
  • Events in various meta verses for all holders.
  • Elysium Club Member Emergency 24/7 Hotline.

Q2 2022

  • One free commercial flight for all holders per quarter.
  • Networking events and meet and greets with the team and other notable individuals in the NFT verse.
  • Free luxury car rentals.
  • Booking future Private Yacht experiences with the team.
  • Expansion of luxury apartment network to more cities as well as luxury hotel stays.
  • Luxury surprise giveaways.
  • Exclusive get together of holders in a Caribbean Luxury Resort
  • Exclusive events and give aways in the metaverse.

Q3 2022

  • Start of private jets flights.
  • More booking options and availability for private jet flights.
  • Expansion of Exclusive Events in real life and in the Metaverse.
  • Private Island Holidays for holders and a companion.
  • Start of Insanity Raffles.

Q4 2022

  • Free high spec VR Headsets to all holders.
  • Metaverse VR parties with concerts from popular artists.
  • Even more in real life events and parties.

2023 Onwards

  • Broad Expansion of all luxury amenities for all holders.



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