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Efficient Language Coaching
Educational Institution
IndustryProfessional Training & Coaching
FounderRachel Paling
HeadquartersUK and Spain
Area served
Key people
Rachel Paling
ProductsNeurolanguage coaching certification training, Neurolanguage communication certification, Neurolanguage coach network, Neurolanguage annual conference, Neurolanguage collective magazine

Efficient Language Coaching (ELC) is a company founded by Rachel Paling in 2008 that provides certification for teachers, trainers, and educators aspiring to be coaches in their respective field. ELC certifications are officially accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).[1] The company is best known for Neurolanguage coaching book, and Brain friendly Grammar Neurolanguage Coaching book released in 2017.[2]


Rachel Paling is a UK based prominent linguist, coach and speaker who founded ELC as a central certification body in 2008.[3] The comapny designed and released the ELC language coaching certification for language teachers in 2011[4]. In august of 2011, a pilot delivered the first ELC certified language coaches in the world.

In 2019, ELC trainers prepared to deliver the certification training in multiple languages. ELC introduced the certification in Spanish, Italian, French, and Czech. The certification body is planning to introduce the certification in Russian, Portugese, Slovakian, and  Polish languages in 2020.

As of December 2019, a total of 550 neurolanguage coaches have been certified by ELC globally.  

Certifications and products

ELC currently offers two certifications. First is ELC Neurolanguage Coaching Certification course for language teachers.[5] This certification program is said to focus on coaching basics, and neuroscience of the learning process. The coaching basics focuses on coaching fundamentals of language coaching methodology, language coaching, and neurolanguage coaching.[6] The latter part focuses on emotional intelligence, fundamentals of cognitive reactions,neuroscientific research and results of social pain. The course consists of 36 training hours..

The ELC certified language coaches are automatically enrolled into a language coach network which is their global network directory that provides an opportunity to connect with other certified coaches.

The second certification is Neurolanguage Communication Certification for teachers, educators, trainers (of any subject matter), corporate executives, and entrepreneurs. It is designed to train them on applying best methodologies to get the students or work teams to have focused learning with individually tailored goals. The certification training focuses on traditional coaching methodologies, neuroscience application to create and sustain focused learning state, principles of sustained and consistent goal achievement, ICF coaching proficiencies, transformation from teacher to a coach, and others.

Besides these, ELC also conducts the Neurolanguage annual conference. The company also launched the Neurolanguage collective magazine in September 2019 and publishes this every three months.  

ELC has also published two books with Rachel Paling as an author, namely, Neurolanguage coaching book, and Brain friendly Grammar Neurolanguage Coaching book.

Awards and recognitions

ELC has been conferred with Reimagine Education - Bronze in the science of education category in 2019. They are also noted for being the first language coach certification to be accredited by the ICF which is the international professional body for coaches globally. The courses are also awarded with CPD status in the United Kingdom.

Registered trademarks

ELC certifications are known for being the only one in the world based on interdisciplinary methodologies of neuroscience, ICF best practices, communication, and coaching expertise. In line with the certification offering, they have registered “Neurolanguage Coaching” as a European and US registered trademark as well as Neurolanguage Collective, Efficient Language Coaching and ELC Language Coaching Certification as EU registered trademarks.[7][8]


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