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Rachel Marie Paling
Rachel Paling.PNG
Born23 April
Nottingham, UK
CitizenshipUnited Kingdom
OccupationCreator of Neurolanguage Coaching, Entrepreneur, Author, Conference Speaker
Known forNeurolanguage Coaching

Rachel Marie Paling also known as Rachel Paling is a British Neurolanguage coach, entrepreneur, speaker and author.[1] She is an entrepreneur, who has founded various companies including Efficient Language Coaching and initiatives such as the Neurolanguage Collective Magazine, the Neurolanguage Coach Network and the Annual Neurolanguage Learning Conference. Paling is best known for the creation of Neurolanguage coaching and she is globally recognized with the Professional Coach Credential by the International Coach Federation (ICF)).[2][3]

She is also the author of the books “Neurolanguage Coaching,” “Brain Friendly Grammar”, both relating to the method and approach of language learning called Neurolanguage Coaching and “Chester the Vizla”, a children’s book.

Early life and education

Paling was born in Nottingham, England. She attended Nottingham High school for girls. She moved to Spain in 1983 at the age of 17 and started teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults. She became a mature student at 24 successfully completing the access to University for under 25 yrs, with the UNED in Madrid. As a mature student, she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law from the University of Sheffield in 1999 and also completed a Masters in Human Rights and Democratization from Ruhr University Bochum and University of Padua, Italy in 2000. She completed a PG diploma in law from the University West of England. In February 2020 she completed an MA in Applied Neuroscience certified by the Universidad Internacional Isabel I de Castilla.[4]


Paling qualified as a UK Solicitor in 2003, but then moved to Germany and started freelancing as a trainer and coaching top executives and professionals across Europe, as well as commuting to Italy as a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Law in Verona, Italy. In 2008 she founded Efficient Language Coaching Ltd.[5] She created and coined the new concept of Neurolanguage Coaching in 2012 and in 2013 began to train teachers worldwide with the ELC Language Coaching Certification, accredited by the International Coach Federation.[6] In 2014 she created an Advanced Neurolanguage Coaching Course, accredited by the ICF and in 2016 a Professional Neurolanguage Coaching course, which is the precursor to the Teacher Training course, which grants the licence to train teachers using Paling’s first level course. The first Licensed Neurolanguage Coach trainers began training in other languages and in different countries worldwide in 2019.

Paling also created Neurolanguage Communication, another certification accredited by the International Coach Federation, which is for any educator, combining coaching and neuroscience in the learning process. In September 2020, just over 700 language teachers worldwide had trained. She founded the Neurolanguage Learning Conference in 2016. She founded the Neurolanguage Collective Magazine in 2019 and the Neurolanguage Coach Network.


Reimagine education Awards 2019 Bronze in Science of Learning Category

Selected bibliography

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Certifications and licenses

Paling is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certified by the International Coach Federation. In July 2019, Efficient Language Coaching was accepted as a provider of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from The CPD Standards Office.

Personal Life

Paling travels lives in Spain.


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