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Dream Hunters NFT
ReleaseMarch 2022
Genre(s)Collectibles, Rolling Royalties, Dream-Funding Community

Dream Hunters NFT (Powered by DIYnamo.org – the first ever dream-funding decentralized platform) has their own unique heroic traits and skills, with the absolute mission of chasing their dreams and unifying the people worldwide by building one of the strongest communities in the Metaverse. The Dream Hunters NFT project is the genesis collection of DIYnamo and will be stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.[1] The project offers incredibly unique benefits to its holders: Early acquisitions of the DIYnamo NFT Collections, a golden ticket to participate in an exciting worldwide Treasure Hunting Game, a chance to receive the special Dream Box to attend the project’s events around the world with complimentary traveling perks, never-ending Rolling Royalties from Dream Hunters itself and from DIYnamo, regular $DIYM Airdrops from DIYnamo, a chance to be randomly selected to win mystery surprises and crypto prizes from the community wallet, and getting whitelisted to the creators’ upcoming NFT projects involving known artists and famous personalities. Investors can mint the Dream Hunters NFT using the “Spin & Drop” technology that will allow them to use any cryptocurrencies, debit or credit cards.[2]

About DIYnamo.org

DIYnamo is the first dream-funding decentralized platform. With DIYnamo, anyone can support promising talents through investing in their NFTs collections that represent their dreams, and at the same time, it gives back rewards and royalties to the holders.[3] Two years ago, one of the Founders discovered Cristiano, a young 14-year-old talented young man from Ghana and decided to buy him football shoes to allow him to join the local football club. Ever since then, the two have established a strong bond through mutual support for each other. Cristiano has been motivated to pursue his dream, and today, he’s in the process of coming to Italy and playing in the Series A team. He is the inspiration of the DIYnamo platform. Cristiano is just one of the first billions of talents that can use DIYnamo to help fund their dreams—not just in sports but also in music, art, writing, and more industries. Presently, the DIYnamo team is proceeding to partner with hundreds of thousands of Brazilian football players and is in the process of onboarding musicians and actors.[4]

The Dream Hunters NFT collection is the initial NFT offering of DIYnamo. By becoming a Dream Hunters NFT holder, you will get exclusive access to the upcoming DIYnamo's ecosystem. This is the only way to acquire the DIYnamo's tokens; there will be no IDO. All Dream Hunters NFT holders are granted access to all of the DIYnamo’s special collections created by DIYnamo’s official Talents. As a holder, you will be entered in massive, never-ending $DIYM tokens official airdrop events. In addition to supporting the mission of changing the world and making a difference in the lives of dreamers worldwide, all of the holders of Dream Hunters are entitled to get a 5% share of all the DIYnamo’s NFT collections and 1% of all the rolling royalties from their secondary sales.[5]


Dream Hunters, a fully-doxed NFT project, is the first dream-funding decentralized community of driven people who are passionately chasing their dreams. Its core mission is to unify the people worldwide and build one of the best NFT communities. The project members can share their life goals, and the creators can help them through professional counseling, consulting moral support, and more. The members with the same goals can start a private chat together with an accountable senior leader. For every member who reaches their goal, the community will reward them with fun rewards and surprises!

The founders of the Dream Hunters NFT project are passionate about helping kids and strongly believe that guiding them is the key to making the world a better place to live in. Dream Hunters is also on the mission of helping its members mentally, emotionally, and financially with DIYnamo, where they support real young and inspired talents by creating NFT collections that represent their dreams and giving back benefits and rewards to the buyers at the same time. Visit DIYnamo.org to learn more about its mission to impact millions and billions of lives worldwide.

Rolling Royalties

Every time a Dream Hunters NFT is sold on the secondary market, there is a total of 15% Rolling Royalties that will be shared with its holders. The royalties constitute 1% dream card, 2% access card, 3% wish collectible, 4% creators and 5% community investment. The Dream Card is the rarest card on the platform wherein out of a total of 10,000 mints, only one lucky holder will receive the Dream Card and enjoy 1% of all rolling royalties for life. Out of a total of 10,000 mints, only 100 lucky minters will receive the Access Card, and 2% of the rolling royalties will be distributed equally to the 100 access cardholders for life. They will also receive special personalized gifts and fun experiences, with options to keep for themselves, gift to someone, or donate to their selected charities and organizations. The Wish Collectible provides 3% of the rolling royalties that will be distributed equally to the 9900 owners for life.

Spin & Drop Technology

The project introduces “Spin & Drop’’ technology, a new and advanced free-gas war method using the Chainlink’s VRF (Verifiable Random Function), a secure and safe solution to drop NFTs without tampering. Chainlink’s VRF is a secure and safe solution that allows smart contracts to generate tamper-proof random numbers on a blockchain. The method has many benefits attached to it. The collection will be minted only once everything is sold out. Chainlink’s VRF is trusted and verified by many recognized smart contract developers in the blockchain industry. There will be no gas-wars and the members can buy an NFT using any cryptocurrencies, debit or credit cards. Everything is strictly open-source and verifiable with this technique.[6]

The Art

The Dream Hunters NFT as “art” represents young dreamers who are ready to fulfill their dreams,[7] committed to spend their whole life pursuing their dreams and never letting anything or anyone stop them, and have vowed to never lose their passions, to work hard in finding their life’s purposes, and always stay close to their dreams.[8] The art symbolizes the child within us; the founders believe that no matter what the circumstances, where we are, and who we are, there is always a child within every one of us who believes in “that dream” and that it will eventually happen. The creators decided on the art with the goal of reminding all of us to keep the faith, dream big like when we were kids, and at the same time, to encourage every kid in the world that with the right amount of motivation and perseverance, every dream is valid and could be a reality.[9]

The artist behind each beautiful artwork is international Italian actor and producer Luca Riemma, known for his roles as Pietro in Un Posto al Sole (2009) and Antonio Francis Ford Coppola in Distant Vision (2016).

All 10,001 of the entire Dream Hunters NFT collection are unique and special on their own and some are rarer than others. Each Dream Hunter NFT is algorithmically generated by combining properties with varying rarities in nine categories including Skin, Background, Eyes, Mouths, Headgear, Earrings, Accessories, T-shirts and Numbers.[10]

Benefits of the Holders (Summary)

The Game – The holders can participate in a special and exciting treasure hunting game, combining the Metaverse and the real world, with life-changing Big Treasures to hunt.

Special Whitelists – Each NFT holder will be granted exclusive access to future projects connected to various ethical purposes and good causes around the world that involve some famous artists and the most legendary personalities in the world. Being added on the Whitelist will also give them special discounts for presales.

The Dream Box – 100 Access Card holders will receive a box with a metal NFC card version of their NFTs, and will give them access to our events around the world (first gala: Italy), plus complementary traveling perks!

Monthly Royalties – Every time a Dream Hunters NFT is sold (on the secondary market), there is a total of 5% Rolling Royalties that will be shared to the holders.

DIYnamo Airdrop – Every month, each holder of the Dream Hunters NFT collection will receive $DIYM coins airdrop from the DIYnamo project for the first one year.

Random Select – Random rewards for one randomly selected Dream Hunter NFT holder every month; this lucky holder will receive crypto and mystery prizes from the community wallet.

Worldwide Treasure Hunting Game

With a Dream Hunter NFT, you can join the special and exciting treasure hunting game, combining the Metaverse and the real world, where hackers, travelers, gamers, and food lovers will work together as teams to hunt for the life-changing Big Treasures! Hints and clues will be hidden all over the world, and a few will be spread in the Metaverse. Holders should work together to collect parts of the small passwords to reveal the big password that will unlock a crypto wallet with a hidden amount (in Bitcoin) inside! The creators intend to unite the world in the most exciting way, promote tourism, and support local businesses.

Roadmap of Dream Hunters

Community Building – The private discord channel will be available exclusively to Dream Hunters owners. Funds are allocated immediately towards building the Community. They will hunt and bring on board highly skilled community managers and moderators.

Special Campaigns – Get the collection featured on Rarity Tools and/or give rewards to the most engaged users in the community. Farm 100 Dreams in the DIYnamo project, supporting the promising talents driven by their dreams and partnering with Professional Sport Players, and start launching massive press and social media campaigns to increase brand awareness and to make the community stronger.

The Dream Box – The holders of the 100 Access Card will receive the Dream Box that contains a Metal NFC that will give them exclusive access to the global events and gala, with personalized complimentary gifts. ‍

Royalties & Rewards – Two months following the release, the creators will start to share the rolling royalties with the holders, as well as dropping $DIYM tokens to the holders on a monthly basis. Each month, a Random Select event will reward one of the 10,000 holders with amazing gifts and fun mystery experiences!

Community Investment Fund The Community Investment Funds will start investing in NFTs and projects that the whole community (through polls) believe are great assets. The team is focused on in-depth research and investing in Metaverse Lands, Social Impact Communities, Highly Rewarding NFT Collections, and Dream Cards in the DIYnamo Project. Revenues are shared with the holders.

Dream Hunters Game In the first quarter of 2023, the Dream Hunters Treasure Hunting Game will start, where hackers, travelers, gamers, and food lovers will work together as teams to hunt for the life-changing Big Treasures.



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