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Dirty Dawgs NFT
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Dirty Dawgs NFT is a private collection of 8,888 unique Dirty Dawg characters that take shelter on the Ethereum blockchain. The project showcases athletic dogs dressed in basketball jerseys that wander in the digital space.[1] The members are granted a baller in the metaverse along with play-to-earn game,[2] participation in a unique secondary market, and win prizes including a Tesla Model 3 and $250,000 worth of giveaways.[3]

Dirty Dawgs revolves around the holders who compete to earn the coveted title “Dirtiest Dawg.”


The founder of Dirty Dawgs, Ryan Galloway initiated this project for all the basketball lovers and for people who share the love for NFTs, web3, and blockchain technology. The project offers giveaways in the form of NBA tickets, watch parties and exclusive web3 networking events as a means to give back to the community.[4]

The most appealing feature of Dirty Dawgs is competing for the coveted title “Dirtiest Dawg’ wherein the players need to dominate the playing field with athletic skills and technical mastery of basketball games in order to win.[5]

The legendary holders will share half the revenue generated out of rental property that goes for the Dawg Pound, an Airbnb feature of the project. The remaining 50% of profits will go towards additional community giveaways, funding floor sweeps, play to earn development, and sponsor marketing efforts.


Dirty Dawgs will be minted in May 2022 and will be available on OpenSea. The minting of the token will take place on Metamask.

Types and attributes

Every Dirty Dawg's identity is the combination of over 100 hand-drawn bull dawg artwork and one-of-a-kind algorithmic outputs unique in its own form. Each Dirty Dawg is a 1/1 piece or artwork that guarantees each holder a slot in the metaverse. The athletic dogs are dressed in basketball jerseys combined with unique traits.

Roadmap of Dirty Dawgs NFT

The minting of Dirty Dawgs will take place in May 2022. The members can soon expect the launch of the Dawg Pound, an Airbnb feature of the project along with exclusive access to Dirty Dawgs’ merchant store. After minting the ultra-rare tokens, the five Ultra Rare Dirty Dawg holders will split a $25,000 cash incentive among themselves.

Dirty Dawgs will also have the incentive of Staking Bonus in which the holders will get access to the upcoming “Football” Dirty Dawgs. By staking at least 1 Dirty Dawg NFTs for a 3 months period, the members will be granted exclusive whitelist access to the upcoming Football DD Collection dropping Summer of 2022.

Dirty Dawgs also plans to purchase a significant estate in Sandbox and launch a metaverse basketball-themed P2E game,[6] where dirty dawg holders will be able to compete and play against each other.[7]



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