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IndustryTest and Measurement and Control Instrumentation
Founded2000; 22 years ago (2000)
  • Jure Knez
  • Andrej Orožen
  • Franz Degen
  • Herbert Wernigg
HeadquartersTrbovlje, Slovenia
Area served
  • DewesoftX software
  • DEWE-43A
Number of employees

Dewesoft d.o.o. is an employee-owned multinational engineering, electronics, and software company based in Trbovlje, Slovenia's east/central region.[1] Dewesoft develops data collecting software and hardware for applications such as testing, measurement, and monitoring. Dewesoft data acquisition systems are employed in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and construction, as well as energy and transportation.[2]

Since its inception, the company has grown to have over 18 subsidiaries located in Austria, Benelux, Brasil, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, India, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the USA. It has also been TÜV SÜD, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified.[3]


Student Entrepreneurship Period (1996 - 2000)

The Student Entrepreneurship Period begins before the Dewesoft firm is officially established. It is linked to Dr. Jure Knez, Dewesoft's co-founder and CTO, during his research and study phase. In his diploma thesis, Analysis of measurement signals from vibration measurements on turbogenerators, Knez laid the technological groundwork and described the future company's business plan. Peter Dolenc, a measuring expert, discovered Knez's thesis and persuaded him to work for Brüel & Kjaer. Despite the fact that Knez and the corporation did not collaborate, Dolenc and Knez began to collaborate in the design and manufacturing of software. Knez also continued his research and presented his findings on the dynamic behavior of steam turbine rotors. He met Andrej Oroen, a sales agent for the Austrian company Dewetron, in 1999. Knez began working with Dewetron's measuring instruments, for which he developed his own software that allowed for the acquisition, processing, storage, and presentation of measurement signals on personal computers. Dewetron was underperforming in this area, so Knez and Oroen teamed together and began looking for new business and development options. They proposed their concept to Franz Degen and Herbert Wernigg, the directors of Austrian Dewetron, in the year 2000. Knez then began modifying and adjusting the software for the Dewteron's instrument after the idea was accepted. He released the initial edition of Dewesoft 5.0, a measurement software package, at the end of 2000, which was sold in the United States and the Far East. As a result, the decision was made to establish a firm in Slovenia.[4]

Establishment and Development Period (2001-2007)

Dewesoft was created by four entrepreneurs from Slovenia and Austria, each owning a separate percentage of the company. Jure Knez (50%) with the majority, followed by Andrej Orozen (10%), Franz Degen, and Herbert Wernigg (both with 20 percent of shares). Knez became the CTO, and Orozen, CEO. Degen and Wernigg did not take on managerial roles because they were already executive directors of the Austrian partner business Dewetron. Dewesoft evolved into a high-tech start-up and Dewetron's strategic alliance partner and data collecting software provider. Initially Management and Administration was led by Andrej Orožen, Software development, Jure Knez and Hardware development, by Uroš Kovačič.[5]

Data acquisition software that connected measurement units to personal computers was the company's main product.[6] The programme could be used in a wide range of businesses. In addition, the company manufactured specialized hardware that was not widely distributed.[7]

Dewesoft began working directly with NASA in 2003. The collaboration was based on a project at Kennedy Space Center in Florida to modernize telemetric control devices. Twelve Dewesoft engineers visited the space facility, where they began working with NASA experts to solve telemetric challenges. The software allowed for real-time data transfer from space and instantly identified a lost Shuttle signal. Because NASA's engineers were used to reading findings from printouts, the results were shown from top to bottom (rather than left to right). NASA eventually licenced 35 Dewesoft software packages in 2006. Dewesoft software was placed into service in the summer of 2007 after six months of testing. The software was also used by NASA in its Space Shuttle programme and on all of its flights. Today NASA still heavily relies on Dewesoft data acquisition products (hardware and software) for the new Artemis and ORION programs.[8][9]

Dewesoft was designing electronic boards for two third-party devices by 2007.The first was a human body vibration meter for Brüel & Kjaer, and the second was a customized SPI/analog-digital controller area network (CAN) device for Dewetron and Wabco.[10] The Dewesoft engineers came to the conclusion that the instruments would be more efficient if the hardware was developed together with acquisition software. As a result of this realization, Dewesoft software and hardware were tigtly integrated. Rather than constructing basic printed circuit boards, the goal was to concentrate on a whole device and system that could do specific functions.[11]

Transformation Period (2008-2016)

When Dewetron's Austrian co-founders left in 2008, the company underwent a transformation. They continued to assist in the development of Dewesoft's own sales network, eventually taking over as managers of the sales office in Austria in 2009. They left the Dewesoft ownership structure in 2011 and sold their firm shares while continuing to work together. Dewesoft bought their stake, ensuring that the company was entirely owned by Slovenians. Four engineers who helped the company grow in terms of development entered the ownership structure in 2009 and 2014, getting ownership shares of 1% or 2% of the company, in accordance with the agreement on the partial transfer of ownership shares to the engineers. Dewesoft established its first purchase window for stock purchases in 2016, allowing employees to purchase stock in the company. Employees now have the opportunity to purchase Dewesoft stock at a discount. Until August 2020, 56 workers held a total of 9% of the company's stock.[12]

Dewesoft released its first data acquisition measuring equipment, the DEWE-43, in 2008. They released their flagship high-end data acquisition product line called SIRIUS at the end of 2011. SIRIUS was a modular hardware system with eight channels.[13] The development of a KRYPTON line for rugged and distributed measuring applications came to an end in 2014. Dewesoft measuring devices have evolved from the original instruments, which could acquire eight signals at a time, to systems with several thousand measurement channels, making them appropriate for laboratory use and many industry settings. The DewesoftX software package was also being furthelry developed. Dewesoft split the software package into two pieces at the start of 2013, representing two products: Dewesoft 7.x and Dewesoft X.x. Dewesoft 7.x was used to support Dewetron's instruments, including maintenance, while DewesoftX was exclusively delivered to clients along with the Dewesoft measurement equipment.[14]

The headquarters in Slovenia houses the entire development and production process for hardware devices and software packages.[15]

Dewesoft obtained the ISO standards 9001 and 14001 certificates in January 2014.

The company began to grow in terms of sales and staff numbers, resulting in the first corporate reorganization in 2015 and the establishment of a new organizational structure. Five new departments were established namely - Instrument and software development

  • Instrument production
  • Metal product production
  • Purchases
  • Sales and administration with accounting

From 2017 to the present

Dewesoft released a new range of instruments named IOLITE in the year 2018.

In 2019, Dewesoft acquired TVE, an Austrian company that is now known as Dewesoft KCW.

Dewesoft completed development of a new product called SIRIUS-XHS in the year 2020, which can measure 15 million samples per second. The instrument is used in vehicle crash tests, explosions, and other similar situations.[16]


Dewesoft's proprietors, Jure Knez and Andrej Oroen, decided in 2016 to offer up ownership of the company to their employees. Since then, the corporation has offered to buy shares twice a year, but only internally, meaning that external investors are not allowed to participate. As a result, the company became 100 percent employee-owned and self-funded. Each year, Dewesoft distributes between 10% and 20% of its income. A million euros was awarded among the co-owners in 2020, and staff were given a share based on their proportion of ownership.[17]

Dewesoft acquired TVE, an Austrian firm with 20 workers, in 2019 and renamed it Dewesoft KCW. Dewesoft had a revenue of € 26.8 million and a net profit of € 7.9 million in the same year. Dewesoft's products were sold in 50 countries in 2019, with 39 percent of sales coming from European markets, 29 percent from the United States, and 23 percent from Asia. They're also expanding into new markets, the most recent of which was Mexico.

Dewesoft raised its turnover by 30% compared to the previous year during the global pandemic in 2020. The global market accounts for 91% of its sales, with Germany, the United States, and China being the most important markets.

Dewesoft has the highest added value per employee among the Zasavje region's medium-sized businesses. It is estimated that each employee will earn 164,000 euros.

Dewesoft is placed fifth in the market for measuring equipment, which is valued at 1.2 billion euros, with a market capitalization of 40 million euros.

Business accelerator Katapult

Dewesoft launched the Katapult business accelerator at their Trbovlje headquarters with the goal of assisting new entrepreneurs in the Zasavje region in taking their initial steps in the company. Dewesoft provides Katapilt with infrastructure, lowering startup costs and integrating them into the economic cluster and shared supply chain of all participating enterprises. The Dewesoft owners had to invest 2 million euros in the business accelerator.[18]

Products and services

DAQ (Data Acquisition)

Dewesoft creates a range of USB and EtherCAT Data Acquisition Systems that are compatible with any signal and sensor and come with a seven year warranty period. These include

  • SIRUS Modular DAQ System
  • SIRUS XHS High-Speed Acquisition System
  • SBOX Powerful Data Processing Computer
  • SIRUS R1DB/R2DB Portable Data Acquisition Systems
  • SIRUS R3 Rack-Mountable DAQ System
  • SIRUS R4 Compact High Channel Count DAQ System
  • SIRUS R8/R8DB High Channel Count DAQ System
  • MINITAURs 8-Channel Universal DAQ System
  • DEWE-43A USB DAQ System
  • SIRUS MINI Portable 4 Channel Vibration Meter

Rugged DAQ Systems and Data Loggers

All rugged DAQ systems offer IP67 degrees of protection and are thus waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant up to 100G,[19] and can withstand a temperature range up to -40 °C to 85 °C. All rugged DAQ systems include Dewesoft X3 data acquisition software and come with a seven year warranty. These include:

  • SIRUS Waterproof Rugged IP67 DAQ System
  • SBOX Waterproof Rugged IP67 Data Processing Computer
  • KRYPTON Rugged IP67 EtherCAT DAQ System
  • KRYPTON CPU Small, Rugged IP67 Data Logger and DAQ System

DAQ and Control Systems

  • SIRUS RT DAQ System with Real-Time EtherCAT Bus
  • IOLITE R8/R12 EtherCAT DAQ and Real-Time Control Acquisition System
  • IOLITE LX Embedded Data Acquisition System and Data Logger
  • IOLITE Distributed Industrial Data Acquisition Systems

DAQ Software

The DAQ software can acquire, store and analyze data synchronized from several data sources - analog, digital, CAN, CAN FD, CXP, GPS, video, serial and many other data interfaces.

  • DewesoftX
  • Historian-Time Series Database

Data Interfaces, Sensors, and Actuators

Dewesoft also makes data interfaces including USB CAN and CAN FD devices, GNSS receivers, IMU and INS inertial positioning devices, and Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) as well as high-speed cameras. All interface devices are fully compatible and synced with all of our Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems, and they are all manufactured to the same exacting standards. These include:

  • CAN BUS and CAN FD
  • GPS/GNSS/INS Receivers
  • High-speed DS-CAM video cameras
  • High-accuracy DC-CT current transducers
  • Modal and internal vibration shakers


Dewesoft offers traceable calibration services for its data acquisition systems and sensors along with facilitating measurement training.


  • 2008: Best Slovenian entrepreneur of the Year award
  • 2009: In the technical magazine NASA Tech Briefs Magazine, DEWE-43 was named Instrument of the Year.
  • 2012: Dewesoft is honored with the the Golden Award for the Fastest Growing Company in Slovenia from the Dnevnik daily newspaper.
  • 2014: Dewesoft received the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce award for entrepreneurial and business achievements.
  • 2015: DewesoftX software is awarded software innovation of the year award by Automotive Testing Technology International Magazine.[20]
  • 2019: NASA Tech Briefs readers select KRYPTON ONE Product of the Year 2019[21]
  • 2021: R&D World Awards - SIRIUS XHS winner of the 2021 R&D Award in the category Analytical/Test[22]


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