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DewesoftX softewrw.jpg
Developer(s)Dewesoft d.o.o.
Initial release2001; 23 years ago (2001)
Stable release
DewesoftX 2022.1
Written inDelphi, C++
Operating systemWindows 7 or later
  • X86-64
  • x86-32

DewesoftX is a software application created by Dewesoft d.o.o. that is used for scientific measurement applications such as data recording and digital singal analysis from analog and digital data sources. DewesoftX software is delivered for free bundled together Dewesoft’s data acquisition systems.[1]


The development of the product dates back to early 2000, rooted in the works of Dr. Jure Knez, a Slovenian mechanical engineer who specialized in rotating machinery analysis especially in the field of sound and vibration measurement. Jure was also a computer programmer, and he frequently wrote his own software to tackle engineering challenges. He ended up working on a project, which utilized data-collecting technology from Dewetron GmbH in Graz, Austria.[2]

Dewetron had a market presence with their data acquisition hardware, but they were packaging third-party software based on NI LabVIEW with it. Dewetron has contracted Knez to furtherly develop his software and offer it as a part of Dewetron instruments. Jure Knez therefor founded the company and named it Dewesoft, alongside Andrej Orozen, who was at that time sales distributor of Dewetron instrumentation for Balkan region.

By the end of the year, Dewesoft and Dewetron forged a strategic collaboration in which Dewesoft developed software for Dewetron data acquisition hardware. Knez then began working with Dewetron USA's president Grant Maloy Smith and the company's application engineer Gerald Zotzeck on the first commercial version of the Dewesoft software. For several weeks, the three collaborated in the company's Charlestown, RI offices, establishing the new software's user interface and performance principles.[3]

In 2001, the firm launched Dewesoft 5.0, the first commercially accessible version of the data acquisition software.[4] Dewetron sold it in the United States, Europe, and Asia. That year the Trbovlje Sector of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce awarded Knez, Smith, and Zotzeck a prize for technical innovation for the development of Dewesoft 5.0.

Version history

In 2002, Dewesoft 5.0, was awarded several patents by patent offices in the USA and European Union. Two patents were issued to Knez by the US Patent Office covering key aspects of Dewesoft software.[5]

Dewesoft 6.0 was released in 2003. New functions for automotive, telemetry, and power analysis were added in this edition. CAN bus data interface was one of the most important of these innovations, allowing digital data to be read directly from a vehicle's multiple electronic control units (ECUs). This version additionally included video data recording and synchronizing it with analog and digital data. This version of Dewesoft also impemented interfaces to an aerospace PCM telemetry cards, allowing it to be used in both aerospace flight tests and spacecraft testing and telemetry applications.[6]

As a software plug-in for version 6, a set of electrical power analysis and power quality tools were added. This met a demand for a general-purpose data collecting device that could also serve as advanced power analysis in the burgeoning power testing and electric vehicle business.

Dewesoft 7.0 was launched in 2008. The graphical user interface was extensively overhauled in order to better organize and integrate the numerous plug-ins produced over the last seven years. This was also the last version of the software to support Dewetron and other third-party data acquisition hardware.

Dewesoft X was released in 2012. Although certain third-party special data interfaces were still supported, this version only supported Dewesoft branded data acquisition devices. Dewesoft X2 was released in 2015. The code in this version was substantially optimized allowing to use parallel processing which enbled calculations and draw images more quickly than ever before. Dewesoft X3 hit the market in 2017 as the software's first 64-bit architecture version. December 2020 saw the release of DewesoftX 2020.1. “X” was officially added to the product name, and ”2020” was added to describe the release year and “.1” to mark the release version in that year.

The company received the US patent 9,853,805 on December 26, 2017,[7] and two years later, the US patent 10,352,733.

Name-version Date
Dewesoft 5.0 2001
Dewesoft 6.0 2003
Dewesoft 7.0 2008
Dewesoft X 2012
Dewesoft X2 2015
Dewesoft X3 2017
DewesoftX 2020.1 2020
DewesoftX 2020.2 2020
DewesoftX 2021.1 2021
DewesoftX 2021.2 2021
DewesoftX 2021.3 2021
DewesoftX 2021.4 2021
DewesoftX 2021.5 2021
DewesoftX 2021.6 2021

Significant Events

Dewesoft assisted in the replacement of antiquated paper recorders at NASA's Kennedy Space Center's LCC (Launch Control Center) in 2003 with their hardware partner Dewetron. During development, Dewesoft engineers worked on-site at NASA, building interfaces that allowed the software to interact directly with PCM data from spacecraft and NASA's ScramNet database. This work is detailed in a NASA report.


  • 2015 - Software Innovation of the Year award for Dewesoft X2 in Automotive Testing Technology Awards.[8]

Compatibility With Other Software

Data captured by DewesoftX can be exported to third-party data formats for further analysis or archival purposes. These formats include:

Format name [*.fpd]
Excel® [*.xls]
FlexPro [*.fpd]
DIAdem [*.dat]
MatLab® [*.mat]
Universal file format [*.unv]
FAMOS [*.dat]
Nsoft Time Series [*.dac]
Text file [*.txt]
CSV [*.csv]
ASCII [*.ascii]
Sony [*.log]
RPC III [*.rsp]
Comtrade [*.cfg]
Technical Data Management [*.tdm]
JSON [*.json]
ASAM MDF4 [*.mf4]
S3 [*.s3t]
ATI [*.ati]
HDF5 [*.h5]
Dynaworks Neutral File [*.nt]
Standard Data File (SDF) [*.dat] [*.sdf]
WFT [*.wft]
Replay [*.rpl]
Wave [*.wav]
Google Earth [*.kml]
BWF [*.dat]
TDF [*.tdf]
IFile CA [*.ifl]
Winplot [*.dwg]


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