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DeAna Fai
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Ashlee Deanna Faison

(1985-10-31) October 31, 1985 (age 38)
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma mater
Known for
  • DeAna Fai presents Kings and Queens of Entertainment (Podcast)
  • DeAna Fai presents Kings and Queens of Entertainment Reunion Recap & Giveback (TV Show)
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
  • Ervin Faison Jr.
  • Barbara Faison
Musical career
Background information
GenresPop, RnB, Hip-Hop
Years active2002 - Present

DeAna Fai is an American musical artist, singer-songwriter,[1] actress, podcaster, and television host.[2] As a singer, she has worked in Hollywood movies including Perfectly Single, My Favorite Five, Puzzled and others.[3] DeAna Fai was also cast on the Fox Television show, Empire.[4]

DeAna Fai is known for her podcast, "DeAna Fai presents Kings and Queens of Entertainment,”[5] which has been attended by celebrities including Rodney Perry, Claudia Jordan, Shanti Lowry, Lady Luck, Tt The Artist, D-Teck, Courtney Nichole, DJ Babey Drew, Sharaya J, DJ Wayne Williams, Makeba Woods, Carvin Haggins, Dunlap Exclusive, Rebecca King Crews, Rosemary Rodriguez, James Worthy, and several others.[6][7]

Early life and education

Ashlee Deanna Faison better known by her stage name DeAna Fai, was born October 31, 1985 in Orlando, Florida. Her father was a Police Lieutenant and also a Chief in the United States Navy and her mother was in the United States Army. DeAna Fai was raised in Virginia with her 3 siblings.

In 2003, DeAna Fai graduated from Bethel High School.

In August 2003, DeAna Fai went to Norfolk State University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology Pre-med. However, she did not graduate in her expected year of 2007. She decided to take some time to focus on her music career. DeAna Fai eventually returned to Norfolk State University, and completed her degree in 2016.

In 2018, DeAna Fai attended Eastern Virginia Medical School and graduated with a Master’s in Healthcare Delivery Science in 2020.


In 2002, DeAna Fai wrote and performed “City of Hope” outside of her local Office Depot retail store, which aired live on Radio Disney.[8] The song was used to encourage and uplift children with cancer for the City of Hope National Medical Center. Prior to this and during early adolescence, DeAna Fai participated on the signature tune “Sing A Song For Love” for the Healthy Families Partnership, Inc.[1]

In 2007, DeAna Fai connected with Alan Floyd who was the Tour Manager of Beyoncé Knowles. She was then able to gain some knowledge as a young aspiring artist.[7]

In 2008, DeAna Fai connected and interned with Thomas Taliaferro, a music producer known for his works with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown, Blackstreet, Teddy Riley, and more.[7]

In 2009, Chasity Saunders, friend from college, model and co-host of Avenue Pink, LLC’s podcast, invited DeAna Fai to perform on the second installment of “Showtime On The Block,” which featured former members of R&B group B2K, Fizz and Boog.[8]

In 2010, DeAna Fai connected with Grammy, Dove & Stellar Award Winning Music Producer, Dunlap Exclusive at which she eventually worked with him several years later on major projects.[4]

In 2011, DeAna Fai connected with Hughes Felizor, Bad Boy Entertainment A&R Coordinator, to attempt placements for American singer Cassie. DeAna Fai was also invited by Heavy D, and Bad Boy Entertainment engineer Jamaine “J. F. Bey” Farmer to join industry veterans of artists, songwriters, and producers to attempt a placement on Heavy D’s last album “Love Opus.” DeAna Fai invited her then-music producer Onzie, to join her for the opportunity as well. No placements were secured but, DeAna Fai secured a placement in a film for them both several years later.[9]

Throughout her mission to learn more about the music industry, and perfect her craft, she connected with several other industry veterans along the way.

In 2014, DeAna Fai established Oxymoron Music Entertainment, LLC.[6]

Without representation, DeAna Fai secured placements in subsequent years.

In 2015, DeAna Fai connected with Film Director Paul Hannah and secured her first placement as a soundtrack artist for the song “Breathe” in the film “My Favorite Five”[6][10] which stars Rochelle Aytes, Brian White, Erica Hubbard, Jay Ellis, Valerie Pettiford, Quinton Aaron, DeRay Davis, Leonard Roberts, Amin Joseph, and Billy “Sly” Williams.[10]

In 2017, She was cast as an upscale bar patron in the hit TV series “Empire” on Fox.[5] DeAna Fai also established a business relationship with Steven Vincent, Vice President of Music and Soundtracks for the Disney Channel.[2]

In 2018, she secured a placement as a singer/songwriter for her song “Grown Woman” in “Hey, Mr. Postman!,” starring Walter Franks, Omar Gooding, Rodney Perry, Anthony Johnson, Paula Jai Parker, and Liana Mendoza.[5]

In 2019, she secured a placement as a singer and songwriter in “Perfectly Single,” starring Erica Hubbard, J. Alphonse Nicholson, Torrei Hart, Omar Gooding, DomiNique Perry, Joe Torry, William L. Johnson, and Stoney Jackson. She had two placements in this film as a soundtrack artist and songwriter for songs “Perfectly Single” and “Selfie.”[2]

In 2020, she secured another placement with her original song “Unaffected” as a performer, in “Puzzled” starring Carla Jeffery, Fonzworth Bentley, Angelique Bates, Carlon Jeffery, Amir Mitchell-Townes, and Gavin Turek. DeAna Fai also appeared on comedian and former co-host of “The Real,” Loni Love’s show on Instagram Live called “Loni Love’s Quarantine Talent Show” because of her rendition of “Listen” originally sung by Beyoncé. The show had approximately 100,000 viewers.[5][4]

In 2021, DeAna Fai created a podcast called “DeAna Fai presents Kings and Queens of Entertainment.” A diverse group of entertainers were blindly casted to participate on a scheduled show. The show was designed to unite entertainers, congratulate them on their success, engage with fans and inspire other aspiring creatives to never give up on their dreams. There were 12 episodes totaling over 60 renown entertainers. Some of those that were involved were Shanti Lowry, Courtney Nichole, Sharaya J, DJ Babey Drew, DJ Wayne Williams, Larry Sims, James Worthy, and more.[7][4] The podcast took place on the Clubhouse app, but promoted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The season finale “DeAna Fai presents Kings and Queens of Entertainment Reunion Recap & Giveback!” consisted of 25 of the entertainers returning for a television show along with a couple of others that were newcomers to the experience. The finale highlights the importance of giving back to foundations that support health and wellness while putting a name to a face. The first season supports “The National Breast Cancer Foundation” and “The American Stroke Association.” The list of celebrities that participated were Melvin Jackson Jr., Erica Hubbard, Angelique Bates, Rodney Perry, Rob Gordon, Candace Wakefield, D-Teck, Lady Luck, Rayshun LaMarr, Stevie Boi, Tehran Von Ghasri, Dunlap Exclusive, TT The Artist, DJ Pryor, Claudia Jordan, Jackie’s Boy, Kenneth Okolie, Erika Ringor, Hannon Lane, Kenya Brown, Rob Gordon, Sprague, Brandon Broady, Tony Dofat, Rebecca King Crews, Rosemary Rodriguez, Tyrell Crawford, and Carrie Bernans.[6]

In 2022, DeAna Fai released her Official Music Video titled “Me and Mine. It debuts longtime friend, Grammy, Dove & Stellar Award Winning Music Producer Dunlap Exclusive as an actor and main editor on the project.

Awards and recognitions

In 2008, DeAna Fai won a competition at her local Walmart store in Virginia and was crowned “Walmart Idol” after singing “Listen” by Beyoncé.


In the media


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