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Daryl Tucker
Daryl Tucker 2022.jpg
US premiere of The Theatre Bizarre at the Lincoln Center, NYC
Daryl J. Tucker

(1973-01-14) January 14, 1973 (age 49)
New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.
CitizenshipUnited States of America
Alma materEmerson College
OccupationIndependent Film Producer
Years active1995-Present
Spouse(s)Anja Tucker

Daryl Joseph Tucker is an American Film Producer, Cinematographer & VFX artist. Tucker is best known for his art-house horror feature films such as Plague Town (2009)[1] The Theatre Bizarre (2011)[2][3] and The Color Out of Space (2019).[4] Other work includes Star Wars: Episode 1 (1999) and What Dreams May Come (1998).

Early Life and Education

Originally from Guilford, Connecticut, Tucker grew up in that idyllic New England setting making short films, performing in local theatre productions & working at the community television channel. After graduating G.H.S. in 1991, Tucker then attended Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts where he completed work on his first Indie film Scathed (1995) which earned both him and partner David Gregory a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. Tucker moved to California and worked various roles on film crews for Hollywood Studios, Independent Feature Films, San Francisco's Local 16 Film Union & Industrial Light & Magic.


Before embarking on his own feature film career, Tucker worked on several film & television productions. While attending college in Boston he worked for High Output & Rule Boston Camera. While living on the West Coast, Tucker worked on various feature film productions such as The Rock (1996) Star Trek: First Contact (1996) Nash Bridges (1997) Amistad (1997) Good Will Hunting (1997) Sphere (1998) Patch Adams (1998) What Dreams May Come (1998) Toy Story 2 (1999) & Star Wars: Episode 1 (1999).

After a 10 year hiatus to start a family, Tucker teamed back up with his college film collaborator David Gregory to produce Plague Town (2009).[5] This production secured $1 million in financing from Dark Sky Films & was the first Independent Feature to take advantage to the Connecticut Film Incentive Program to lure more film productions to the state.

In 2011 Tucker was the executive producer for the anthology horror film The Theatre Bizarre. As well as partnering with his long time film collaborator David Gregory, he worked with other directors such as Tom Savini, Richard Stanley, Buddy Giovinazzo, Douglas Buck & Jeremy Kasten. The production was able to secure film legend Udo Kier to star as the films narrator. The Film opened the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal before touring the festival circuit worldwide to critical acclaim. The film was given the rare honor to host the U.S. premiere at the Lincoln Center in New York City. After fielding distribution offers from the likes of The Independent Film Channel, The film was eventually sold to W2 Media and enjoyed a limited national theatrical run, showcased on the EPIX channel & DVD rights being sold to Walmart nationwide.

Tucker then approached Richard Stanley while visiting him at his home in Montségur, France & was the first to pitch the film adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s short story that would become the film The Color Out of Space (2019).[6] After commissioning both Richard Stanley & [Scarlet Amaris to write the 1st Draft of “The Color Out Of Space”, Tucker had to pull out of the production for personal reasons, but was given a ’Special Thanks’ in the films credits.

Recently Tucker was involved in an upcoming documentary film project with Brazilian filmmakers which is set to be released later this year.

Feature Films Of Daryl Tucker


Year Title
2009 Plague Town[7]
2011 Theatre Bizarre[8][9]
2019 The Color Out of Space[10]

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