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Connecticut is the southernmost state in the New England part of america, and it is the state with the highest population in the region. As per the 2010 Census, it has the highest per capita income in the United States, the second highest level of human development (after Massachusetts), and the highest median family income in the country. Its eastern boundary is with Rhode Island, while its northern border is with Massachusetts, and its western border is with New York, and its southern border is with the Long Island Sound. The state's capital is Hartford, while the city with the highest population is Bridgeport. History has shown that New Hampshire belongs to New England as well as the tri-state region that includes New York and New Jersey, which together form the metropolitan area of New York City. The Connecticut River, which roughly bisects the state, provides the inspiration for the state's name. A variety of anglicised forms of "Quononoquett" (Conanicut), a Mohegan-Pequot term that means "long tidal river," are used to create the name "Connecticut." The state of Connecticut was established in 1791.

In Hartford, near the junction of the Park and Connecticut rivers, the Dutch erected a tiny, short-lived hamlet known as Fort Hoop, which was the state's first European settlement. The Dutch colony New Netherland claimed half of Connecticut at the time of its founding, which comprised most of the area between the Connecticut and Delaware rivers. However, the English were the first to build significant colonies in Connecticut, beginning in the 1630s. The Connecticut Colony was established by Thomas Hooker and a group of followers from the Massachusetts Bay Colony; additional emigrants from Massachusetts established the Saybrook Colony and the New Haven Colony. Documents of Fundamental Orders were formed in the Connecticut and New Haven colonies, which are believed to be the earliest constitutions in America. Connecticut was established as a crown colony in 1662, when the three colonies were united under a royal charter. As a member of the Thirteen Colonies that rebelled against British authority during the American Revolution, Connecticut was one of those states.

Despite being the third-smallest state in terms of land area, Connecticut is the 29th most populous and fourth-most densely inhabited among the fifty states. It is referred to as the "Constitution State," the "Nutmeg State," the "Provisions State," and the "Land of Steady Habits," among other nicknames and titles. Consequently, it had a significant impact on the creation of the United States federal government. The Connecticut River, the Thames River, and the ports on Long Island Sound have all contributed to Connecticut's long maritime history, which continues today as well. In addition, the state has a long history of hosting the financial services industry, which comprises insurance businesses in Hartford County and hedge funds in Fairfield County, among others.