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IndustryInformation Technology
Founded2005; 19 years ago (2005)
FounderChockalingam Manikandan
Number of locations
7 (2020)
  • 3CX Phone System
  • Call4Tel
  • Mrvoip
  • SIP Trunking
  • BeroNet
  • Intercom
  • Communication Headsets
  • POE Switches
  • Biometric and Card Readers
  • IP Video Surveillance

Cal4Care is a Singapore based multinational company that offers telecommunications services based on voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).[1] The company is known for its end-to-end IT infrastructure and system integration products and services. Cal4Care’s products and services can be integrated with multi platform technologies and bundled with them.[2]

Cal4Care was founded in 2005 and has presence in over 20 countries with offices in Malaysia, India, Thailand and Japan.[3] It is known for its innovative offering in the telecommunication industry and offers a diverse range of advanced hardware and software solutions like VoIP gateway system, intercom system, VoIP phone, video surveillance equipment, high quality headphones, card/biometric readers along with IT tech support like desktop support/server management, firewall, antivirus, wireless networking and web hosting.[4]

Cal4Care is an industry leader in Voice Over IP (VoIP) and offers a multitude of hardware and software services at cost-effective prices.[5] Its services enable enterprises and service providers to build and operate all-IP voice networks for unified communications (UC), contact centers and hosted business services.


Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Singapore, Cal4Care set off as a prestigious distributor of voiptelephoney products and solutions and is presently a leading global distributor of high-quality software and hardware products and solutions that are backed with over-all customer support. Cal4Care also designs and develops a wide-range of innovative IT-products and services that enhance the speed of the process, security and efficiency. The products include desktop support/server management, firewall, antivirus, wireless networking, web hosting and many more. Cal4Care offers bulk SMS service through its renowned brand BZZSMS, which serve as quick advertising campaigns with high speed and security for any kind of businesses.

While they continued as distributors, Cal4Care streamed into the telecommunication industry in 2008 with the vision of providing cutting-edge communication solutions for every individual and industry. The Group is the prime provider of products from reputed companies like 3CX, Beronet, Htek and others. Throughout Asia, the company provides VoIP gateway system, VoIP Phone, Intercom System, Video Surveillance Equipment, Communication Headphones and Card/Biometric readers and other products.

As a telco product provider Cal4Care saw a giant growth and specilaised in 3CX products and services. 3CX is a replacement of traditional telephone system that makes call management simple and affordable. It is a business, open platform, VoIP telephone system that works with almost all IP Phones and SIP Trunks both in cloud and on-premise. It can be self-hosted on Google Cloud, Amazon Lightsail, Microsoft Azure and can be integrated into any CRM. The built-in backup and restore features allow the user to move the phone system to another server or into the cloud. The products is loaded with features like video conferencing, SMS, email, Live Chat and many others that allow access from one centralized location. This one number concept, remotely configurable, integrated secure communication, aids in increased productivity and reduced cost and is ideal for call centers. Cal4Care also offers innovative VoIP telephony solutions for service providers and organisations from leading manufacturers like BeroNet. The products include GSM ready VoIP Gateways, VoIP Gateways, Telephony Cards, VoIP modules, Baronet Telephony Appliance, Sip-to-Sip and more. The VoIP Gateways support voice and Sms transmission and can be remotely managed in cloud. Telephony Appliance offers the integration of IP-PBX and VoIP Gateway in one device and Telephony cards support 64-128 concurrent channels.

Cal4Care provides IP phones from undeniable brands like H-Tek, CISCO, Poly, Grandstream and others. The company also offers state-of-the-art Polycom that deliver crystal clear voice quality, dynamic noise reduction and remove background noise. It also provides biometric finger prints and card readers for secure office environment.

Cal4Care also provides SIP-based Application Specific Endpoints for unified communications from Call4Tel. The products include IP to Analog, IP Intercoms, IP Notification, IP Paging and more. It enables users to access multiple zones for paging with bell scheduling in a VoIP network from single SIP phone extension. The page amplifier can support paging up to 15 zone groups from a VoIP phone system, and there are many more features bundled to the products. Cal4Care offers a wide-range of high-quality communication headsets boxes from leaders like Benertech, Yealink, and others which can be connected to IP phones, telephones or call box. The headsets are designed to be light-weight with replaceable voice tube microphone boom and have added features that would perfectly suit Call-Centers.

Grounded strongly in providing 3CX solutions, Cal4Care launched its famous brand Cal4tel in 2019. The brand Cal4tel, which is now a native name in its domain offers secure, reliable and cost-effective appliances supported by 3CX and integrated with many innovative Voip features and PBX open-platform software. The products work with all popular IP Phones and SIP trunks both in cloud and on-premise. Theys include 3CX NX32, 3CX NX32 SBC, 3CX NX32 C, 3CX NX 96, 3CX SBC DUO, HA 3CX, and more.

3CX NX provides unified communication solutions supporting around 16 concurrent callers with 100 users, and makes management and installation of phone system simple. The products support 250 Trunk providers from more than 50 countries and come integrated with WebRTC based enhanced video conference and anti-hacking modules. 3CX SBC enables connecting remote sites with many remote phones over a single port, working securely on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and easy bridging with other 3CX phone system. 3CX NX32 C specially designed for large telecom providers offers organisations the exclusive feature of retaining their own brand name and logo and allows PBX to scale up to 500 users. The HA 3CX allows the users to create a standby replica of the PBX which ensures minimum downtime and data loss in case of PBX failure.

Inspired by the success in the path treaded, Cal4Care launched various brands that include Calncal, Callacloud, Cloudnippon, Callnclear and many more across Asia, Australia, United Kingdom and other countries. The brands which are now highly-sought in their sector offer IP-PBX systems and have developed VoIP apps that offer unique customized solutions and advanced voice and data communication services for businesses enabling them to operate in any location, independent of network structure. The products include IP Phones, SIP Trunk, Cloud PBX, Fax to Email, Email to Fax, DID numbers, Fiber broadband and more. The SIP Trunk services enable small, medium and large-scale industries to accommodate their growing data especially while operating multiple websites. The brand also offers a host of other advantages that include toll fraud protection and telephone number mapping. Cal4Care added to its bundle mConnect that provides exclusive customer management services to organizations of all sizes. With flexible features for higher response, billing solutions, automated chat facility, customer support services and many more features, mConnect enables its clients greater customer retention and revenue.

Powered by the massive experience of providing mobile, voice, and internet services integrated with Voip technology, Cal4Care ventured into taking the technology above the prevalent trend and developed Mr.VoIP, a middleware that took the technology skyward. Mr. VoIP programmatically integrates 3CX with CRM, ERP, Accounting System, IVR, mobile phone, extension and more, heightening businesses in sales, marketing, customer service and support, all in a cost-effective simple process. The products best suit the requirements of Contact/Call centers and small- and large-scale industries for offering top-quality communication to their customers, to raise sales and boost their revenue. The products range from making calls to recording, billing solution, add, delete, update, extension/contacts, agent rating to add/update/delete Agents, Queue and more.

Presently, Cal4Care has braved into developing Omnichannel, a complete communication and customer management solution, and a digital fund transfer tool. Omnichannel is a cost-effective and secure combination of technology and transaction that allows its users to transfer funds globally from their mobile phones through their digital accounts thus helping them to break the restrictions of traditional banking. It enables the customers to receive funds instantly, make speedy payments, place online and offline orders, send and receive multimedia messages via SMS, Facebook, WhatsAPP, LINE, Telegram, etc., and simplifies the mind-numbing process of managing agents and generating reports that ease the customer in operating their businesses.

Products and services

Cal4Care is best known for its products like 3CX Phone System (standard, pro and enterprise additions), SIP Trunking (callncall, callacloud, cloudnippon and callnclear), Beronet, VoIP Hosting, IP Phones (industrial, grandstream, Htek, Yealink, Polycom, Cisco), POLY, Intercom (Fanvil and Cyberdata), Communication Headsets, POE Switches, Biometric and Card Readers and IP Video Surveillance (Virdi).

DataCenter Support Services

Cal4Care offers a wide range of Datacenter Support Services like server management, messaging and collaboration, database support, storage and backup management support and web application support. Cal4care messaging systems management services include administration of mail servers, user account management, backup and transaction log management, management of post offices and mail boxes, management of internet mail systems and implementation of mail policies. Its Database support includes database design enhancement to installation, upgrades, backup and restoration, performance and capacity management.

Along with these DataCenter services, Cal4Care also provides storage and backup management  along with web application support that ensures operational efficiency, higher utilization of storage/backup infrastructure and reduces the total cost of operations for the user.

Network Support

Cal4Care Network Support comprises fault management, network administration, Configuration Management and Performance Management. This service provided by Cal4Care ensures the enhancement of network uptime and availability, adaptation of new technology to solve the user’s problems along with cost savings.  

Security Support

The technical security support offered by Cal4Care addresses the advanced threats from cyber-terrorists, disgruntled employees, and hackers by conducting periodic threat and vulnerability analysis through industry standard penetration tests. Cal4Care provides configuration management, change management and remote problem management, through on-site practices and Remote Infrastructure Management Center.

End-User Support

Cal4Care’s End-User Support aims at resolving user problems by remote troubleshooting techniques and desk-side visits for desktop systems problems. The offering also deals with IMAC activities, anti-virus management, setting up of the service desk infrastructure and implementing the service desk tools and processes and its management.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Cal4Care covers the remote infrastructure management by Planning, Optimization, Remote Monitoring, Messaging, NOC Support, Helpdesk, Technical Support, Server Management, Storage, Network Management, and Security Services. This service monitors every aspect of the client network by establishing communication between the client and the company’s NOC (Network Operations Center).


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