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Brett Knutson
Brett Knutson.JPG
Born (1991-05-28) May 28, 1991 (age 32)
Burnsville, Minnesota
CitizenshipUnited States of America
EducationNorthfield High School
  • Serial Entrepreneur[1]
  • International Speaker[2]
Years active2009 - present
  • Monopolize
  • Hive
  • Amare
  • Mediphone
  • Agency Box
Known forFounder of Monopolize
Height6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
  • Eric Knutson (father)
  • Dawn Knutson (mother)

Brett Anthony Knutson (born 28 May 1991) is a serial entrepreneur and an international speaker.[3] He is the founder of several multi-million dollar companies like Monopolize and Hive.[4] He has worked up to building a personal brand and becoming a highly acclaimed entrepreneur.[5] He specializes in brand consulting, social media marketing, executive coaching, lead generation, and content creation.[6]

Knutson in just a decade has managed to make working relationships with multiple brands and notable investors, which makes him an expert in what he does, resulting in thriving outcomes for his clients.[7] He has also made an appearance on several talk shows and university events and has spoken alongside business icons like Steve Wozniak and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Knutson has been featured in several renowned media outlets such as Entrepreneur, The London Post, Fox Business, Influencive, ABC and Yahoo.

Early life and education

Knutson was born to Eric and Dawn Knutson and was raised in Northfield, Minnesota where he attended Northfield high school. Since his childhood, He was inclined towards entrepreneurship, which led him to drop out of college and pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Knutson started with very little money and turned out to become a successful entrepreneur.


Knutson started working professionally from the age of 17. He was a sales representative for Cutco Cutlery. In 2012, He started working for Vector Marketing, a subsidiary of Cutco Marketing that dealt in automotive aftermarket products. He handled direct sales for about a year for Vector Marketing, and soon after its collapse, Knutson co-founded Warranty Star LLC where he worked for almost a year.

In 2013, Knutson co-founded Hive, a social networking website.[8] The idea behind the foundation of Hive was a personal one. He founded Hive in order to help his mother socialise and make friends that share the same interests as her. Hive works on three major pillars that are personal growth, business growth and social impact. Hive raised several million dollars from Silicon Valley angel investors, attracted the attention of celebrities and influencers, and had hundreds of thousands of users at its peak.[9]

During his time with Hive, Knutson also co-founded Amare watches in 2016 and MediPhone Inc in 2017. He worked with MediPhone Inc for a year. Amare watches however, turned out to be a successful venture whose products are shipped all over the world.[10]

After working for over 5 years with Hive, Knutson left, and started a marketing agency, Monopolize.[11] His agency deals with brand promotion, paid media, creative strategy, e-commerce and production. Monopolize has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, and has become one of the leading marketing agencies across the United States.

Personal life

Knutson was born in Minnesota but shifted to San Francisco during his time at Hive. Currently, he lives in Henderson, Nevada with his wife Mellissa, 4 kids, 2 cats, and a bearded dragon.

In the media



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