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Brandon Gardner
Brandon Gardner.jpg
Born (1982-11-22) November 22, 1982 (age 41)
NationalityBlack and Native American
Other namesBlack Jew Wealth Coach
CitizenshipUnited States
  • A Plus Visions Inc., (Founder & CEO)
  • A Plus Business Coaching and Marketing (Founder & CEO)
Height6 ft (183 cm)

Brandon Gardner, also known as the Black Jew Wealth Coach, is an American entrepreneur, real estate investor, wealth coach, and author. He is the founder and CEO of A Plus Visions Inc., a real estate investment and trading company.[1] Additionally, Gardner co-founded A Plus Business Coaching and Marketing, assisting small to mid-sized business owners in setting up their businesses and securing financing.[2][3]

Gardner is recognized for his real estate investing and financial education expertise. He has written several books, including "How to Rob the Bank Legally," "How to Get Your Lick Back," and "Why Real Estate Investing Is The Future of Wealth Creation," and is considered one of the most influential people in real estate.[4]

Early life and education

Gardner was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At 13, during his high school years, he started a candy business, which significantly expanded and became profitable. At 18, Gardner invested in his first rental property and acquired a cleaning company, developing it into a successful enterprise.

In 2012, Gardner received a ten-year prison sentence, resulting in the forfeiture of his real estate assets. Upon his release, Gardner restarted his career, working as an Uber driver while on parole.


Gardner expanded his real estate portfolio and founded A Plus Visions, Inc. in 2019, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company specializes in real estate investment and trading, managing the processes of purchasing, managing, and selling commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties. With a team boasting over 20 years of industry experience, A Plus Visions, Inc. offers mentorship and coaching opportunities for individuals interested in real estate investing and management.[5][6]

Gardner is also a co-founder of A Plus Business Coaching and Marketing (APBCM), assisting small to mid-sized business owners in setting up their businesses and securing financing. APBCM assists in building business credit scores and offers personalized coaching services.[7]

As a wealth coach, Gardner offers guidance on building personal and business credit. He focuses on educating individuals, particularly youth, on financial literacy and the benefits of investing in businesses and property ownership. Through mentorship programs, Gardner equips aspiring investors with the necessary skills to navigate the real estate market effectively.[8]

Gardner pioneers a unique approach to business education by fusing music with teaching, aiming to impart business knowledge through musical collaboration. He has collaborated with notable figures such as Workout the Landlord, Ronny Dewwy, Fat Beatz, Marcus Black from Love and Hip Hop, and Keznamdi.[9]

Gardner, a published author, is known for publishing instructional and inspirational business books with a specialty in real estate. His works, such as "How to Rob the Bank Legally" and "How to Get Your Lick Back," offer practical insights and strategies for real estate investment. "How to Rob the Bank Legally" provides a comprehensive 14-step guide based on Gardner's own experiences. In "How to Get Your Lick Back," Gardner addresses eviction management, equipping landlords with legal and effective tools for navigating the process. His latest release, "How to Secure Your Future: Why Real Estate is the Key to Wealth Building," explores the potential of real estate investment as a means of wealth generation.[10]


  • How to Rob the Bank Legally (January 2023)
  • How to Get Your Lick Back (November 2023)[11]
  • How to Secure Your Future: Why Real Estate is the Key to Wealth Building (February 2024)

Personal life

Gardner resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a father to his son.


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