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  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
Founded2007; 17 years ago (2007)
  • Antibiotics test for eggs
  • Antibiotics test for milks
  • Mycotoxin test
  • Test for pet healthcare
  • End product indicator

BALLYA is a Chinese biopharmaceutical company, headquartered in Guangzhou, China.[1] Ballya is a life science company that focuses on research and development of testing products that are widely used in the food processing plant, dairy plants, farms, and food supply chain.[2] These products include food pathogen testing, deals in milk tests, pesticide tests, metabolites tests, mycotoxin tests, and others.[3] Ballya is best known for incorporating Micro Well Solution in the flagship products that ensure the product consistency and sensitivity underlining the colloidal gold immunochromatographic technique which is the core technology used at Ballya. The company was founded in 2007 and has its headquarter in Guangzhou, China.[4]

Ballya since its inception has spread in over 50 countries and is recognized as one of the selected firms that supports control safety issues at the source of food production with effective methods in screening food safety and helps in reducing the pressure on food manufacturers.[5] The company also has a chain of distributors spread across the globe.[6]


The name Ballya suggests success and endurance which is deeply imbibed in the company’s strength and professionalism. Ballya was founded in 2007 and started its operations by manufacturing medicine devices and test strip trade. By 2009, Ballya launched dairy rapid test BT 2 in 1 a dairy antibiotic rapid test kit. In 2012, the company attended Eurotier Exhibition Develop BTSC 4 in 1 and acquired the Europe certificate. Ballya set-up a modern lab and established the R & D department standard for the OEM supply chain in 2016. Since 2018, Ballya has built multiple new product lines and acquired IS9001 accreditation production capability which is up to 15,000 boxes per month.

Ballya follows a strict production system comprising formula preparation, batch production, and quality control tests to maintain the code of conduct.[7] The formula preparation is conducted in a standard laboratory by specified research teams following a customer tracking system.[8] Batch Production by Ballya takes place in a dust-free facility with automatic machines and all then the retention samples of each lot are sent for a quality control test.[9]


Ballya offers a range of products and testing kits that are mostly used in the livestock industry that range from:

BT sensors (beta-lactam+tetracyclines), 3 sensors (beta-lactam+tetracyclines+sulfonamide), 4 sensors (beta-lactam+tetracycline+streptomycin+chloramphenicol and beta-lactam test strip.

  • Antibiotics Test for Milk Series comprises-
  1. One step series
  2. Single Test
  3. 2 Sensors
  4. 4 Sensors
  • Egg Test Series comprises-
  1. Single Test
  2. 2 Sensors
  3. 3 Sensors
  • Honey Test Series
  • Mycotoxin Test
  • Pesticide Test Series
  • Seafood Test Series
  • Test for Pet Healthcare
  • Test for Animal Healthcare
  • End Product Indicator

Ballya’s products are widely used in animal health, beverages, dairy, feed and grain, meat processing, pet healthcare, water quality and other sectors.[10]

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