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In the fields of theatre, advertising, marketing, publishing, fashion, cinema and television, the Internet, and video games, the term "art director" refers to a number of employment tasks that are comparable to one another.

It is the responsibility of a single art director to manage and unite the vision of a whole aesthetic production. The overall visual look and how it communicates visually, provokes emotions, contrasts characteristics, and emotionally appeals to a target audience are the primary responsibilities of the design team. Art directors make judgments on visual features, such as the creative style(s) to adopt and when to include motion into a project.

One of the most difficult tasks for an art director is converting desired moods, messages, concepts, and developing ideas into visual representations of those ideas. During the brainstorming phase, art directors, coworkers, and clients consider many visual possibilities for the completed piece or scenario. Sometimes the art director is in charge of consolidating the collective imagination's vision while also addressing competing objectives and contradictions between the ideas of contributors.