Anthony Isahakyan

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Anthony Isahakyan
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(1978-11-22) November 22, 1978 (age 45)
NationalityArmenian Lebanese
  • Armenia Properties LLC
  • Armenia Construction LLC
  • Travelenti LLC
  • Falamanki Yerevan Restaurant
Known forReal Estate - Businessman
Height186 cm (6 ft 1 in)

Anthony Isahakyan (born 22 November 1978) is an Armenian-Lebanese real-estate tycoon, entrepreneur, restaurateur, investment advisor, and philanthropist. He is a serial entrepreneur, known for his successful real estate, construction and restaurant ventures. He is the founder and CEO of Armenia Properties LLC and Armenia Construction LLC, leading companies that have made a significant impact in the industry. In a short span of time, he has made an impact as an investment advisor to some of the top VIPs from the Gulf region.[1][2]

In addition to his successful real estate and investment ventures, Anthony is also the founder of a new concept which is coming soon, Falamanki Yerevan, A Super unique restaurant project that offers authentic and unique food experiences. In addition to his restaurant business, Anthony Isahakyan is committed to giving back to the community and supporting local initiatives.

Anthony is known for his hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence, which he inherited from his family's proud history. His inspiring story of becoming a successful entrepreneur has often been shared by the media; where he was grown up in a challenging and impoverished environment in Beirut during the war, Anthony refused to accept his circumstances and began working hard from a young age.

Early life and education

Anthony Isahakyan was born in Beirut during the war in 1978. Despite growing up in a challenging and impoverished environment, he refused to accept his circumstances and began working hard from a young age. Right from his childhood, his family had deep roots in their culture and helped him become a strong individual. On different occasions, Anthony has shared that he and his family are proud of their Armenian heritage and has always remained connected to its roots.


Anthony Isahakyan is a highly successful entrepreneur and investment advisor with extensive experience in the real estate and construction industries. He is the proud owner of Armenia Properties LLC and Armenia Construction LLC, two highly respected companies that have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality projects and exceptional services to their clients.

Anthony has worked with numerous top VIPs from the Gulf region, serving as their investment advisor. He has earned their trust and admiration by providing expert advice and guidance on real estate investments and other business ventures. His success is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

As Armenian entrepreneur and restaurateur known for his successful Beirut Restaurant located in Yerevan, Armenia. He has several years of experience in the restaurant industry and has recently announced plans to launch new and unique restaurant concepts in the near future.

Opened Beirut Restaurant, a modern Lebanese restaurant that quickly gained popularity among food enthusiasts in Yerevan. The restaurant is known for its authentic Lebanese cuisine, stylish decor, and welcoming atmosphere.

Since its opening, Beirut Restaurant has received numerous positive reviews from both locals and visitors, and has been recognized as one of the best Lebanese restaurants in the city. Anthony Isahakyan attributes the restaurant's success to his team's dedication to providing excellent service and high-quality food.

He is currently working on launching new restaurant concepts that are unlike anything currently available in the market. He aims to create unique dining experiences that will surprise and delight his customers.

Overall, Anthony Isahakyan is a successful entrepreneur and restaurateur who has made a significant impact on the food industry in Armenia. His passion for hospitality and dedication to excellence continue to drive his success, and he is excited for the future of his restaurant business.


Anthony Isahakyan's philanthropic efforts reflect his commitment to making a positive impact on the world. With his strong family bond and dedication to excellence, he inspires those around him to give back to their communities and make a difference in the world. He is actively involved in various philanthropic efforts to support causes close to his heart. His commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the community is evident through his involvement in numerous charitable activities.

One of the causes that Anthony is passionate about is education. He believes education is a fundamental right and a powerful tool that can transform lives. In this regard, he has supported several initiatives to provide quality education to underprivileged children in the country.

Anthony is also committed to promoting entrepreneurship and empowering young people to realise their full potential. He has been involved in initiatives that provide mentorship and training to aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them to develop their business ideas and turn them into successful ventures.

The Isahakyan family has also supported various cultural and artistic initiatives. Anthony believes culture plays a vital role in promoting social cohesion and preserving the heritage of different communities. As such, he has supported initiatives promoting Armenian culture, music, and literature.

Personal life

Anthony Isahakyan is happily married to Naira Isahakyan, and they have a child together. The couple's strong family bond and commitment to excellence are well-known traits they pass down to their child. Despite their challenges, the Isahakyan family has remained close-knit and supportive of each other, drawing strength from their shared values of dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence.

Anthony enjoys spending quality time with his family and travelling the world when he is not working. He is an avid reader interested in culture, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Anthony Isahakyan's personal life reflects his commitment to his family, heritage, and community. His dedication to excellence and his passion for making a positive impact on the world are qualities that he instils in his family and inspires those around him.


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