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Born (1984-05-26) May 26, 1984 (age 37)
NationalityWestern Canadian

Alexandréa (born 26 May 1984) is an American novelist known for her first novel in the suspenseful ‘Write’ series - Write on the Money. It was published in late 2014 by ICI Creative and soon gained recognition for its closely-knit plot and intriguing storyline.[1]

Early life

Alexandréa grew up in a renaissance family - most of her paternal family members were Canadian politicians and lawyers that also wrote poetry and studied science. Her mother grew up in northern Saskatchewan on a logging camp, but upon meeting her father, she also entered a life of drama and became a costume designer, makeup artist, and finally a casting director. All this reflected immensely on Alexandréa, and she accepted the fact that no matter what was happening inside or around you, the show definitely must go on.

Alexandréa became inclined towards writing when she was in 5th grade, all thanks to her class teacher, who motivated her to explore her raw talent by guiding her in writing numerous short stories. But it wasn't until later in her teenage years that she decided to further explore and hone her writing skills. This was prompted by when she began reading Thomas Hardy and was instantly blown away by his masterpieces. Alexandréa soon began reading a lot of romantic, suspenseful, and thriller writers, exploring newer pieces almost every week, which further fueled her desire to pursue writing.


Alexandréa’s debut book was released on December 16, 2014, by ICI Creative which is a part of the suspenseful ‘Write Series.’ The book follows the story of an aspiring writer - Rachel, who finds herself in the middle of murder, money scams, and attracted to someone who she despises and is forced to work with. It is a culmination of romance, suspense, and thriller, all packed in a tightly wound plot and a storyline that keeps the readers wanting for more.[2]

In 2022, Alexandréa’s two other books - Ghost Whispers and Death Crime will be released, both of which promise the same, if not more amount of suspense and intriguing plots. Ghost Whispers is a romantic suspense novel and Death Crime, a suspense crime drama.


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Personal life

Alexandréa is married with two daughters and the family currently lives in North Carolina.


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