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Alex Pourquery
Alex Pourquery 1.jpg
Born2003 or 2004 (age 19-20)
London, England
OrganizationQuantas Labs

Alex Pourquery is a British inventor and entrepreneur best known for founding Quantas Labs, the world's first available AI erosion impact predictor.[1][2]


As of 2024, Alex leads as the founder and CEO of Quantas Labs, a company at the forefront of geoscience and environmental sustainability.[3][4][5]

Quantas Labs, under Alex’s leadership, has engaged in global collaborations with major conglomerates and government entities, establishing partnerships focused on sustainable land management. These collaborations extend to countries like France and Saudi Arabia, particularly for green projects aligning with environmental sustainability goals.[6]

In an interview with Wired, Alex stated that his primary inspiration when founding Quantas Labs was the need for innovative solutions in addressing the challenges of erosion, particularly in the face of intensifying climate change. Alex says that he aspires to merge his scientific endeavors to make a meaningful contribution towards a better world on a global scale.[7][8]


Alex’s commitment to addressing global challenges has been acknowledged through several notable awards and nominations.

  • UN 2024 SDG Young Leader Award Nomination
  • Renaissance Award
  • EUCYS Recognition


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