Abdullah Almanna

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Abdullah Almanna
Abdullah Almanna.PNG
Born (1993-03-05) March 5, 1993 (age 30)
  • Certificated public accountant
  • University: Gulf University for Science & technology
  • High school: Kuwait English School
  • Entrepreneur
  • CPA
  • Auditor
Years active2016 - present
OrganizationBig Four
Known for
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Travel
Height1.7 m (5 ft 7 in)
TitleCertified Public Accountant

Abdullah Almanna (born 5 March, 1993) is a Kuwaiti entrepreneur, Certified Public Accountant, investor auditor and author. He is the public accountant for the ‘Big Four’ firm; Ernst & Young, PwC, Deloitte and KPMG. Best known for an avid traveler and travel documentations, Almanna has travelled well over 30 countries.[1] He also authored The Offbeat Voyager: A Guide to the world’s best travel destinations, a book which encompasses his 17 year journey to various destinations around the world. Almanna is an inspiration for the people as he is the epitome of a person who balances work and leisure.[2]

Almanna developed an interest in the latest industry trends at an early age and has launched a number of businesses. He has founded Tripese, a travel essentials website that sells travel accessories.[3] He also released his e-book during Covid-19 to inspire people. In his new e-book, Almanna shares his hacks and secrets to a wealthy lifestyle.

Almanna has been featured in several articles and magazines including The Statesman, The Entrepreneur, Yahoo, IBT, Forbes, Thriveglobal and several others.[4]

Early life and education

Almanna completed schooling from Kuwait High school in 2009. He then pursued a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the Gulf University for Science and Technology. He shifted to London in 2014 after he was offered an internship at the London stock exchange.

In 2018, Almanna did a credits course in accounting from the University of North Alabama. Almanna received his certificate as a public accountant in 2018 from NASBA.


Almanna did multiple internships at top-notch firms after his graduation. He interned at London Stock Exchange, KAB Kuwait group, Kuwait petroleum company, Dilaijan Company and Kuwait Investment office.

Almanna started his career in 2016 as a senior auditor at EY, London. It provides financial services primarily detailing with assurance, tax, transaction and advisory. He is the public accountant for the ‘Big Four’ firm (Ernst & Young, PwC, Deloitte and KPMG).

Almanna being an avid traveler right from his childhood, followed his passion and launched multiple businesses throughout the years one of them being Tripese, a travel essentials website that has a variety of travel accessories including medical kit, weatherproof digital camera, backpack, foldable silicon kettle, professional HD camera drone, travel-friendly diaper backpack and other travel products.

Alamanna has explored 30 countries till now including the regions of West and Asia-Pacific documenting his adventures and his experiences. Alamanna released a book dedicated to his journey across the world, The Offbeat Voyager: A Guide to the world’s best travel destinations. This book covers his personal story and experience as a traveler. The book entails several destinations comprising culture, tourist destinations, underrated destinations and Almanna’s perspective of the places.

Almanna also released an e-book, ‘Your road to financial freedom’ that concentrates on the aspect of earning money and travelling. This ebook highlights the anxiety of not having a steady income and how to overcome it.[5]

This book aims at inspiring avid travellers like himself the art of managing both work and travel.

Licenses and certifications

Almanna holds a number of licenses and certifications, some of them includes:

  • CPA Issuing authority NASBA - Issued Sep 2018 - Credential ID 3920
  • Ey emerging technology - BlockChain Bronze
  • Business Writing - Lifelong
  • Website Design Course - Lifelong
  • Ecommerce - Lifelong
  • Leader of the future - Lifelong
  • Social Media Marketing - Lifelong
  • Project Management Training - GUST
  • Islamaic Bank Training - GUST
  • Website Design - GUST
  • Creating Gant Chart - Microsoft
  • Excel - Microsoft
  • Powerpoint - Microsoft
  • Word - Microsoft
  • Outlook - Microsoft

Community involvement

Almanna is also a keen volunteer and has taken part in several activities and events by ONE Kuwait, Give to Gain and EY. He was the former Vice President of One Hard and Supervisor of Give to Gain.

Personal life

Almanna has always been passionate about travelling, which inspires him to live an intricately woven lifestyle of work and travel. This nomadic lifestyle gave Almanna the opportunity to learn several languages. He knows Arabic, English and Spanish, and he is passionate to learn new languages.


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