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Aaron Sansoni
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Born (1984-04-14) April 14, 1984 (age 39)
Years active2003–present
OrganizationSansoni Management
Known forBusiness & Motivational speaking & Entrepreneurship
Height6 ft 1 in (185 cm)

Aaron Sansoni is a global investor and mentor known as “Mr. Empire”. He has built his fortune by starting, building, and investing in over 100 different companies to date.[1] His investments include media, technology, retail, hospitality, SAAS, education, telecommunications, space travel and more.[2] He also works intensively to pass on his business knowledge to others with a series of online courses, seminars, experiences, masterminds and private 1-on-1 mentorships. He is also a renowned, international speaker, having shared the stage with icons like Sir Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins & Gary Vaynerchuk. He has written several books including a best seller, Think Like, selling over 75,000 copies to date worldwide.[3]

Besides his business activities, Sansoni is a passionate philanthropist. Having come from an underprivileged background himself, he has raised funds for local and global causes for many years. He founded the Aaron Sansoni Foundation with his wife in 2017, which works with not-for-profit charities in Australia, to ensure donations get to where they are most needed.[4][5]

Early life

Aaron Sansoni was born on April 14, 1984 in Melbourne, Australia. He came from a migrant underprivileged family, growing up as one of three children. His parents divorced when he was just two years old.

Attending Maroondah Secondary College in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs, Sansoni struggled throughout school with behavioral issues; however, he managed to barely pass high school and graduated in 2001. During his high school years Sansoni became an accomplished cross-country runner competing at state level. He also had an aptitude for basketball competing at high levels. He eventually went on to play professionally for a season in Ireland in the national league in 2005, He studied business for six months at TAFE until he decided to quit and start his own ventures, while living and traveling in Europe.


Aaron Sansoni is best known as a global investor having started, built, or invested into over 100 companies to date as well as being a globally recognised speaker. Beginning his entrepreneurial spark early in life by watching his father start numerous business ideas, Sansoni started his first business at the age of 12; a local car wash for his neighbors. By the age of 17, Sansoni was already leveraging his aptitude for sales, working in door-to-door sales, over the phone, and face-to-face sales.[6]

Drawing on his already substantial corporate sales experience and a few years of running his own businesses, Sansoni opened his first consulting firm at the age of 23, which aimed to pass on what he was learning along his own journey in life and business. By his mid-twenties Sansoni had already created his first seven figure business in media.[7]

Currently he runs a successful investment firm, Sansoni Management, which has multiple interests around the globe and a portfolio including media, technology, retail, hospitality, SAAS, education, telecommunications, space travel with an investment into SpaceX and many more. While traveling the world for business he also educates business owners and entrepreneurs on how to build their own business empires through a series of programs.[8]

The Aaron Sansoni Group, Sansoni’s education business, also offers experiences and on-demand training programs aimed at starting, building and scaling businesses. To date, Sansoni has educated over 500,000 students from 137 countries.

Sansoni also mentors top CEOs, athletes, and celebrities in his award-winning education programs. He currently offers exclusive 1-to-1 mentorship or business partnership with a handful of people who are successfully picked during a rigorous vetting process.[9]


Sansoni has been running multiple events and seminars worldwide for the past 15 years focusing on business and personal development. He has coached over 500,000 students in 137 countries from over 100 industries. He provides on-demand training, coaching, and numerous experiences.[10]

One of his most notable experiences is the Empire Mastery course, a four-day intensive business training program, which aims to provide participants with the tools they need to build multiple businesses with multiple income streams. He covers topics on how to start, build and scale businesses as well as buying equity in other businesses, partnerships, marketing, mindset and deal making; while building a legacy and creating a life by design. As of November 2022, he’s run this program over 50 times worldwide.


Coming from an underprivileged background, Sansoni has been a keen philanthropist for many years. In 2017, he formed the Aaron Sansoni Foundation with his wife. The foundation aims to help underprivileged people from around the world, as well as in their home country, Australia.[11]

Each year, the Aaron Sanoni Foundation chooses a not-for-profit charity to work closely with, aiming to ensure more donations get to where they are most needed.[12]

In its first year, the foundation partnered with Oz Harvest raising over $125,000 to feed a quarter of a million disadvantaged people across Australia.[13]

They have also worked with Australia’s broadest reaching children’s charity, the Starlight Foundation, to deliver their hospital and community programs which aimed to brighten the lives of over 857 seriously ill children and their families.

In 2020, the Aaron Sansoni Foundation partnered with the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to donate much needed funds to the front line. The money that was raised went directly towards the townships and families who had been affected by the bush fires.[14]

For the past two years, the foundation has been raising funds for the newly built Monash Medical Centre Pediatric Emergency Department, creating a space dedicated for children to minimize the impact of visiting the Emergency Department and promote wellbeing helping them to buy much needed emergency equipment

Prior to starting the foundation, Sansoni had raised funds for orphanages in Vietnam and Sri Lanka.



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