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Yanis Bargoin
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Born (1991-03-24) March 24, 1991 (age 32)
Les Lilas
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing
  • Master’s degree in Communication and Advertising
  • Master’s degree in Communication
Alma mater
  • IUT de Meaux
  • ESM-A Business School Management
  • ECS European Communication School
OccupationLifestyle Influencer and Journalist
Years active2018 - present
OrganizationFresh Mag Paris

Yanis Bargoin (born 24 March 1991) is a French lifestyle influencer, entrepreneur, social media influencer, digital marketing expert, and journalist.[1][2] Bargoin is known for his unique business ideas, marketing, advertising, and business development skills. He is the co-founder of Fresh Mag Paris, a French Magazine dedicated to gastronomy and the art of living.[3]

Bargoin has over a decade’s experience in the communications field and is considered an expert in social media management.[4] He has built a vast network of clientele and provided immediate exposure for brands and businesses.[5]

Bargoin is also a member of the Lions club international since 2015. He has been featured in several media outlets including, US Times Now, Benzinga, City Telegraph, Verna Magazine, Pan Odyssey, Time Bulletin, and others.[6]

Early life and education

Bargoin completed his highschool education at Lycée Saint Aspais. He then enrolled in IUT de Meaux in 2011, where he did a bachelor’s degree course in marketing solutions and sustainable development. Bargoin then pursued his master’s degree in communication and advertising at ESM-A Business School Management. Bargoin also has a double master’s degree in communication, which he acquired from ECS European Communication school in 2014. He has also completed over 50 certification courses.


Yanis Bargoin

Bargoin started his career in 2010 when he joined Celler Lavinyeta as an export salesperson. Bargoin worked for three months for this firm, where he was responsible for Market research in different countries, telephone marketing, mailing, translation of the catalog, prospecting, assisting in the development of the website of the company, and customer relations. After his exit from Celler Lavinyeta, Bargoin joined Intercaves, where we worked for two months, gaining experience as a wine consultant.

By the end of 2011, Bargoin joined RTS Environnement, where he worked for a period of six months as a marketing manager. Barogin, during his tenure at this firm, was responsible for assisting in the development of the website, customer relations, market research, and design inventions. In 2012, Bargoin took yet another job as a marketing manager at SOGEVA, where he worked for seven months.

After his exit from SOGEVA, Bargoin joined Self Climat MORVAN as a communications manager, where he worked for almost two years. Bargoin, during his tenure at this firm, was responsible for organizing event projects, press relations, community management, direct marketing, back office management, and budget manager communication.

In 2014, Bargoin was appointed as an assistant PR manager at Maison Haute Couture Stephan Rolland. Bargoin worked for three months, where he was responsible for monitoring and layout of press coverage, managing shopping requests, updating communication tools, and monitoring showroom merchandising guidelines. Bargoin also played an integral role in the preparation of the défilé Couture for the Fashion Week. After his exit, Bargoin worked as a communications manager at Mansion Sylvia Toledano for four months.

In 2015, Bargoin joined Maison Christian Collin Fleuriste as a communications manager. Bargoin handled social media management, graphic designing, and partnership development for this firm. During his tenure of over a year at Maison Christian Collin Fleuriste, Bargoin also worked for Epiphyte Artisan Fleuriste, where he was responsible for photoshoots, model management, and communication management. Bargoin worked for eleven months with this firm.[7]

Bargoin joined Florence Gilliers & Associates in 2016, where he worked as a social media consultant and influence for seven months. By the end of 2016, Bargoin started working at Noir Sur Blanc as a digital strategist and e-influencer. He worked for over a year with this firm and was responsible for digital strategy realization, social media management, and redesign.

In 2018, Bargoin started working for Groupe ESIEA as a digital strategist and social media influencer.[8] Bargoin worked on several digital and e-influence projects during his tenure of ten months with this firm. After his exit, Bargoin worked at International Success Institut for two months, where he was responsible for partnership management. Bargoin also worked as an independent editor for FDF Paris Magazine in 2018.

Bargoin also works as a freelance social media manager and editor for several online blogs and firms like Kiss City Paris, Max Mila Paris, TrustMeCom, Mauboussin, and others.

In 2020, Bargoin, after gaining substantial experience as an Instagram influencer and digital media marketer, co-founded Fresh Mag Paris, a magazine dedicated to gastronomy and the art of living.[9]

Licenses and certifications

  • DIF Photoshop, Dolfi Formation
  • DIF Indesign, Dolfi Formation
  • DIF E-mailing, Lukas Web Agency

Personal life

Bargoin is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

In the media



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