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Wyverin Entertainment
IndustryVideo games
Founded2016; 7 years ago (2016)
  • Raul Crăcea
  • Emil Ilea
  • Vlad Brumă
Number of locations
1 office
Key people
  • Raul Crăcea (co-chairman/Graphic designer)
  • Emil Ilea (co-chairman)/Software engineer
  • Vlad Brumă (co-chairman/CCO)
  • Nelson în Aventură
  • Atenție, Cad Mere!
  • Hot Rush
  • ALLY
Number of employees

Wyverin Entertainment is a Romanian video game and app developent team based in Sibiu, founded in 2016 by Raul Crăcea, Emil Ilea and Vlad Bruma.[1] The team began by creating small hyper-casual games for iOS and Android. They collaborated with local influencers in Romania like Atenție, Cad Mere![2] and Nelson Mondialu[3] to develop games targeted for their audience. Later, they began creating Trivia games and Quizzes on popular sports and pop culture social charade apps (such as "ALLY" that can only be played with friends or family[4] ) and apps for interactive stories. As of September 2020, the team created over 70 games, the majority of them being available to download on the App Store, on Google Play and on Amazon.[5]


Wyverin Entertainment was founded by Raul Crăcea, Emil Ilea and Vlad Brumă in 2016.

In June 2016, the company posted its first game “Epic Differences” on the Google Play Store. The game required the player to spot the differences between two photos.

Later that summer, the company created a platformer game called Lynn where you played as differently shaped rectangles, jumping from platform to platform and dodging obstacles in different sceneries.

In November 2016 the company switched the engine they were using, from GameSalad to Buildbox and created many small hyper-casual games like Up Shadow, Pi’s Adventures, Impossible Bunny and many more. Because of the increased standards of the newer games, many of the first games are no longer available on market.

Collaborative efforts

The first game created in collaboration with an influencer was a platformer: “Nelson in Aventură”. The simple mechanics involved the player jumping over obstacles, while Nelson's funny lines and catch-phrases were heard in the background. This game was a huge success in Romania, being one of the TOP 10 games on iOS and Google Play for many days. Its highest ranking was second place on App Store (All games).[6]

The second collaboration was “Atenție, Cad Mere!”. The title of the game had a literal meaning: you control an apple that is falling down a hill and must avoid spikes. The game also had a mode where you can answer general knowledge questions, by letting the apple fall in the direction of the right answer. The player would learn new things from the facts displayed on-screen every time they died in the game. This would stimulate their general knowledge.[7]

The last game made in collaboration with an influencer was „Hot Rush”, an 8-bit adventure game, made together with the Romanian Youtuber Antonio Pican. The main character of the game is Antonio, an amnesiac who has to navigate his way through lava caves, haunted forests, and cursed mazes.[8]

After this period, the development team focused on Unity development and they started to create trivia games and quizzes which focused on popular topics that are loved by people worldwide. The games targeted the hardcore fans of diverse movies, tv-series, video games, or sports teams, as well as casual fans.[9]

Social and text-based game development

ALLY is the first social game created by Wyverin Entertainment, and it’s a game that requires at least 3 players to be in the same room.[10] The game is simple: you get a random word and you have to describe it to your ally in a few seconds. Unlike classic charade games, both the player who guessed a word and the one who described it get an equal amount of points. The game relied on an increased cooperation between all parties involved.

From September 2020, the team started to create apps that can play text-based interactive stories, where the experience is tailored by the decisions the players make. During the time spent creating games and apps, they also created funny and educational videos and offered game development tips to their community.

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