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Worm City NFT
Worm City.JPG
Developer(s)Matt and Peter
ReleaseNovember 2021

Worm City NFT is an Ethereum-based Multiverse non-fungible token that features a modern city, Washington, where worms live their life peacefully.[1] Worm City NFT features eighteen algorithmically created animated unique worms with over 11,000 rare characters and 4,343 attributes. The creators of Worm City NFT have also created an election event for mayor in Wormshington City.[2]

The first season revolves around a crypto trader who is looking to find a job and cover his debts by investing in Ethereum. The story will continue in the upcoming seasons. The Worm City will continue to evolve as a community with their roadmaps.[3]


The background of the story is at Wormshington, a modern and peaceful city in North Wormerica.[4] Worm City NFT features a crypto trader, James Bullworm, who is looking for a job for a stable career to cover his debts. He has borrowed funds from his ex-girlfriend Penny and investors, which have not yielded any profits. His case is heard by Judge Davis, who is the father of his ex-girlfriend. As per developers of Worm City NFT, the story will continue to evolve in season 2.

In the first season 11,111 citizens are available, and they are priced at 0.08 ETH.[5] The virtual worms featured as citizens are breedable and can become exclusive by continuous breeding. The worms look good, and they are very hard working with a love for accessories. The creators have introduced over 4,343 attributes so that each of the worms look unique in the NFT market.[6]

The first season initially displays eighteen animated worms that can be customized to appear unique from the others.[7] They have also created an election event to elect the mayor of Wormshington, who will have exclusive features that are not available to the citizens, and he will have extra value from future roadmap products and passive revenue sources. To become a mayor, the holder needs to collect fourteen unique NFTs with different numbers from 1 to 13. The first holder to collect will become the major and gender will be chosen by the voting from NFT owners.[8]

The mayor will get 20% of fees from secondary sales and 5% of fees from marketplace sales, as well as unique features in subsequent projects and seasons and early access to the marketplace.[9]


Worm City NFT is based on Ethereum blockchain technology, where owners of tokens can buy and sell them with verified ownerships through a smart contract. All Worm City NFT can have an aesthetic look, as they are programmatically created; and through accessories and different attributes, they will have distinct details.[10]

There is a limit to the number of worms that can be bred, as a limited number of worms are released into circulation and a limited number of genomes are available.[11]

Roadmap of Worm City NFT

2,777 Mints: Season 2 will be revealed soon, along with new Worms and stories for Penny, Davis, and James. The Mayor of Wormshington winner will get a 10 ETH prize pool.

5,555 Mints: The Worm Marketplace will launch along with Worm token between Q4 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022. The meme contest winners will receive 10 ETH awards.

8,333 Mints: The development of the Worm Game will begin and features such as NFT login mechanism, earning token prizes, and playing with friends and community members. The launch is anticipated for Q2 2022. In this phase, holders will have the ability to create their own character, join the game, compete against other players, and be the first to complete the level to earn prizes.[12]

11,111 Mints: Breeding, staking, and evolution processes for Worm NFTs are covered in this phase. In combination with a 20 percent rise in the community wallet, an increase in the price floor will be implemented to help fund development, marketing, and partnerships.[13]


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