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Wiz Kidz NFT
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Wiz Kidz is a collection of 8888 baby wizards with 178 unique treats that the users can mint as NFTs. Wiz Kidz holders can get two NFTs for the price of 1 and their future evolutions will be served as the members’ avatars in the Metaverse. The project also allows users to earn power crystals and enter the Enchantment Room where the holders can transform from a baby wizard to a Grand wizard with surprising benefits. Down the line, the exclusive members will be able to purchase tangible canvas and metal cards for their Grand Wizards.


The mission of Wiz Kidz is to create a PFP NFT for the community that appreciates wizards and magic. The project is inspired by the Lord of Rings and Harry Potter that each one of us grew up watching in our childhood. Wiz Kidz aims to pay homage to such fantasies and create a project depicting degenerate baby wizards (wizkidz). The platform has also created the Quest of Power, a game where Wiz Kidz holders must collect 10 crystals of power. Once the members collect those crystals they will be able to unlock their Wiz Kidz true power, becoming Grand Wizards and get to see all the awesome attributes transform.

The presale mint price is 0.07 ETH and the public sale mint is set at 0.085 ETH. The members will also have ownership and commercial usage rights over their WizKidz NFT.


The Wiz Kidz mint supports Metamask only, so the user needs to make sure they have their wallet set up for launch day. The project ensures no auto-approve transaction mechanic considering both privacy and security of its members.

Users holding both a Wiz Kid and 10 power crystals will be able to connect their wallet to the Enchantment Room to generate a Grand Wizard. 30 days from Drop 10, all unclaimed Grand Wizards will be released for sale via Public Sale and all remaining crystals will be burned.

Types and attributes

Baby Wizards can be categorized as common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. Each kid is generated automatically by combining 178 unique traits. While each variation is unique through one of its 15 randomly generated variables, the detail and charm of the original piece is maintained.

The artwork encompasses all different types of skin colors and has many unique outfits as attributes to pop culture within the fantasy world. The collection has carefully planned all the rarity attributes such as the dragon eggs and wands that the members can see in their NFT's. Each attribute has meaning and has powers that will allow for awesome evolutions when the members collect 10 crystals of power that will turn their Wiz Kid into a Grand Wizard.

Roadmap of Wiz Kidz NFT

Phase 1 : Launch date : End of March 2022

2,000 Wiz Kidz will be released and allocated for pre-sale via Whitelist.

6,666 Wiz Kidz will be released and allocated for the public sale.

222 Wiz Kidz will be saved during the pre-sale for giveaways, collaborations, and marketing.

Phase 2 – Quest of Power

30 days after the Public Sale has commenced, the Quest of Power will begin. All users holding a Wiz Kid will be able to visit the Quest of Power page and claim a free power crystal bi-weekly.

Phase 3 – Enchantment Room

30 days from the start of Quest of Power, the Enchantment Room will be opened. Users holding a Wiz Kid along with 10 power crystals will be able to use those power crystals to generate a Grand Wizard.

Phase 4 – Community Benefits / Merchandising

Metal Collectors Cards

Individuals interested in bringing their Wiz Kidz or Grand Wizard to life will be able to purchase a tangible metal card to do so. Metal card purchasing will only be available for users who own a Wiz Kid or Grand Wizard to ensure exclusivity and production quality.

Art Integration

Launch of Canvas Art - Users holding a Wiz Kid or Grand Wizard will be given special access links to purchase a tangible Canvas displaying their Wiz Kid or Grand Wizard.

Metaverse Integration

Post-launch, the project will begin purchasing land in Sandbox. Users holding a Wiz Kid or Grand Wizard will be able to use their Wizard to gain access and entry into the Wizarding Realm.


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