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GmbH & Co. KG
  • Air conditioning
  • Condition monitoring
  • Industrial
  • Marine engineering
  • Noise and vibrations
  • Propulsion technology
  • Refrigeration
HeadquartersHerne, Germany
Area served
  • Rato R/S
  • Vulkardan E F G
  • Lokring Brass Connectors
  • Composite shafts
Number of employees
1,300 (2020)
DivisionsVulkan Couplings, Vulkan Drive Tech, Vulkan Lokring

The Vulkan Group (own spelling: VULKAN Group) is a German company with three company divisions: Vulkan couplings, Vulkan Drive Tech and Vulkan Lokring. Its products comprise couplings, shifting Cone clutch|clutches, resilient mounts and connecting elements for refrigerant lines. The owner-managed group of companies has its headquarters in Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia Ruhr area. Today the company is active in more than 51 countries and has 19 subsidiaries, 50 agencies and five production facilities worldwide.

The Hackforth Holding GmbH & Co. KG has been the management company for the subsidiaries since 2008.

Products & Applications

Marine and generator applications

Vulkan Couplings is the division in charge of the marine and generator applications. Among its products there are highly flexible couplings, damper, mounts, shafts[1] for Maritime Commission|maritime applications and stationary energy generation. This division also provide services such as torsional vibration analysis of propulsion systems,[2] in-field services for start-up of systems, maintenance and in-field inspections.

Marine propulsion is the business segment VULKAN Couplings has the strongest sales activity in the VULKAN Group. Ships with diesel mechanic or Diesel–electric transmission|diesel electric drive (both main and auxiliary engines) concepts tend to use highly flexible couplings, they also offer composite shafts, elastic mounts, clutches and noise and vibration reduction services.[3]

The company is also developing engineering for the integrated propulsion system for hybrid drives in what is called the Vulkan Hybrid Architect project, that offers custom solutions where Vulkan is the systems integrator.[4][5]

Some examples of ships that install these products are the Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport and the Independence-class littoral combat ship of the US Navy, the "Inai Kenanga" suction dredger,[6] the "Esperanza del Mar" hospital ship,[7] Drive shaft|composite shafts for the VectRA 3000-class Tugboat|tugs,[8] couplings for the tug Herakles (pusher)|Herakles, the "Ariake" Floating production storage and offloading|FPSO,[9] couplings for the Pioneering Spirit or highly elastic couplings for the e-ferry project of the EU Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development|H2020 program[10] and the S-80 Plus-class submarine.

Among the land applications (flexible and rigidly mounted engines) there are stationary power plants, container and emergency generators, nuclear power stations...

Industrial drive solutions

The Industrial drive solutions divisions is Vulkan Drive Tech and it produces flexible couplings, rigid couplings, industrial clutches and brakes, shaft systems,backstops and resilient mounts for industrial applications.[11] These products are used in these main areas:

  • In oil&gas, as drive solution for all of the steps involved in the oil and gas process chain: flexible, highly flexible and torsional rigid couplings, brake systems for fans, blowers and crane systems.
  • In mining, couplings and brake systems for digging and cleaning machines, conveyor systems, bucket-wheel excavators, stackers and reclaimers, agitators and separators, sorting systems and mills.
  • In bulk material handling, mainly Crane (machine)|E.O.T. gantry cranes, the company provides couplings for high speed and low speed shafts, service and emergency brakes, backstops and free wheels.
  • For the Iron & Steel Industry, mainly in casting & lamination machinery, flexible and rigid couplings as well as brakes and backstops.
  • Hydro and wind generators usually have high speed shaft rotor brakes.

Refrigeration and air conditioning

The Vulkan Lokring division has a patented technology to connect elements for refrigerant lines. This technology was invented in the 1960s by NASA to be fitted on the Space Shuttle and the patent was bought later on to use on civilian applications.[12] The Lokring is based on single ring technology for connecting metallic refrigerant lines in refrigeration and Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning|HVAC applications.[13] This type of connection consists of Brazing|braze-free, Welding|weld-free and non- detachable tube joints[14] made of different materials which cannot be connected with conventional welding or brazing methods.[15] These type of union consists of solder-free and non-detachable tube joints. It is used in industrial refrigeration[16][17] and air conditioning, refrigeration appliances, evaporators[18] and vehicle car conditioning.[19]


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