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Voice acting is the technique of presenting a character to an audience by providing voice-overs in order to give information to the audience. Performers might be referred to as voice actors or actresses, voice artists, dubbing artists, voice talent, voice-over artists, or voice-over talent. Voice actors and actresses can also be referred to as voice artists. It is largely owing to the broadcasts of radio drama produced by the BBC that voice acting has gained recognition as a specialist theatrical profession in the United Kingdom.

Examples of voice work include animated, off-stage, off-screen, or non-visible characters in a variety of works including feature films, dubbed foreign-language films, animated films, anime, television shows, video games, cartoons, documentaries, commercials, audiobooks, radio dramas and comedies, amusement ride productions, theatre productions, puppet shows, and audio games. Voice actors may also be heard through pre-recorded and automated announcements, which are a common component of contemporary life and can be found in places such as stores, elevators, waiting rooms, and public transportation. When portraying a fictitious character, a voice actor may be required to sing as part of their job responsibilities. However, in certain cases, a different performer may be recruited to provide the singing voice for the character.