Vladimír Hirscher

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Vladimír Hirscher
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Born (1985-03-19) March 19, 1985 (age 38)
Prague, Czechia
Other namesVladimír Hirsch
  • Painter
  • Graphic artist
  • Designer
Years active1999-Present
  • Graffiti
  • Street Art

Vladimír Hirscher (March 19 1985, Prague, civic name Vladimír Hirsch), also using the signatures Kaer8th, Kaer MTR, Caer8th or just Kaer is a Czech painter, graphic artist and designer, belonging to the leading representatives of Czech street-art, graffiti[1] and light art] artists.[2] He is the elder son of the Czech composer Vladimír Hirsch.[3]

Biography and creation

Vladimír Hirscher started painting as a child and has been officially active on the public scene since 1999. At the age of 14, he became intensively involved in graffiti painting and for many years performed as a completely independent, amateur and often on-the-edge-of-the-law young artist. Self-taught, he mentions the "subway tunnels as his alma mater and his interest in this kind of art persists to these days, when he is already an established professional, who is often commissioned by institutions to decorate and help conserve through art open spaces and buildings in "visual decay". Professionally engaged in painting since 2007, Vladimír Hirscher has participated in complex works in interior design, exterior design, traditional painting and graphics, and is currently specializing in 3D painting, Light Art, airbrush, bodypainting, art illusions, etc.[4] His first solo exhibition "8th Spectral Porn Dimension" takes place in Prague in 2013: his installation of paintings aimed at building a comprehensive visual experience on the complete spectrum of colors that the human eye can capture.[5] Vladimír Hirscher has been implementing for some time now several commercial contracts for institutions such as the City of Prague, television stations such as TV Nova and Óčko, and private entities. He also contributed to the successful exhibition "Sexplicit and collaborated on the project "Spielberg office centrum Brno".


Vladimir Hirscher aka Caer. A member of the strong MTR crew gradually improved his craftsmanship with a spray to such an extent that his work in the city is clearly distinguishable from everything else. On his canvases and especially on the walls, which he paints as commissioned, he creates pleasing compositions, often with sci-fi themes, where he combines characters, faces and fancy backgrounds with texts that he transforms into abstracts and 3D objects, illusively protruding from the wall. With his paintings, he celebrates considerable success on the market in the commercial sphere - even with private collectors." [6] — Excerpt from "Postgraffiti art in Czechia (part 2)", Banger.cz, January 27, 2019 Vladimír Hirscher is considered to be a prolific artist in the fields of outdoor installations and paintings. His portfolio contains more than 300 canvases and about 4,000 murals and outdoor paintings and graffiti and keeps counting. Kaer's signature can be seen in many legal areas and "graffiti pits", especially in Prague, but also throughout the integrity of Czechia. His distinctive style can be classified as "post-graffiti" since the most popular pieces of his work are developed on science and sci-fi topics,[7] often with a philosophical overlap. Vladimír Hirscher's artistic expression is, in his own words, "intuitive work at a given moment in a given place". Thus, vastly nurtured by cosmology,[8] futurism, social topics,[9][10][11] and ecology,[12][13] Vladimír Hirscher plays a crucial part in the visual stimulation and education of contemporary generations, and, hopefully, of those to come.[14]

Outdoor work and murals

Vladimír Hirscher performs exterior paintings both in Czechia and abroad. The vast majority of the artist's canvases are in private collections [15] throughout Czechia and two of his paintings are part of the permanent exhibition of Czech fine art in the Dancing House Gallery in Prague. In this area of ​​his production, the cosmological theme of modern "sci-fi art" predominates. The classic techniques of this type of painting by Vladimír Hirscher are spray, brush, airbrush and stickers. His works include a large number of so-called murals (large-format murals) [16], among which the most extensive and probably the most famous are murals of Prague Castle and the Astronomical Clock at the Budějovická metro station in Prague from 2012. This category also includes numerous interior,[17][18] exterior [19] and cars.[20]

Light painting

Vladimír Hirscher also regularly performs as a "light-artist".[21] His most successful local performances are live performances in the theater Ta Fantastika[22] in the performance "Prague's Mystery" (Prague's mysteries) [23] and his international exhibition performances take place in Germany, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Slovakia, and most notably at the National Museum of Art of Catalonia (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, MNAC), Barcelona, Spain. Vladimír Hirscher also performs in associative efforts and teamwork and such notable international participation is Alex Dowis' team participation in the "Animayo" festival in Spain in 2015.[24]


  • Martina Overstreet: In Graffiti We Trust, Mladá fronta, 2006


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