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Victoria Kennedy
Victoria Kennedy.JPG
Born (1993-10-07) October 7, 1993 (age 30)
CitizenshipUnited States
EducationUniversity of Southern California
Years active2004 - present
Known forTEDx Speaker, #1 Single on the iTunes Classical Chart in The Netherlands, Miss California Pageant
Height5 ft 6 in (168 cm)

Victoria Kennedy (born 7 October 1993) is an American entrepreneur, PR expert, public speaker, and an opera singer.[1] [2] She is the founder of Victorious PR, a PR and marketing agency based in Las Vegas, Nevada.[3] Victorious PR specializes in digital marketing, brand management, creating media outreach programs, developing media strategy, social verification, and other marketing services.[4][5]

Kennedy has received several awards and accolades in her diversified career of more than a decade. She has worked with corporations to diversify their sales channels, create brand awareness programs, and helped them gain search visibility to get more traction. She has been associated with more than 200 publications and podcasts, both nationally and internationally.[6]

Kennedy’s vision of providing online branding services to customers has transformed Victorious PR to secure a strong market position. Kennedy has worked with a number of high profile clientele and is known to build close professional relationships with media outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC, Inman, Fox News, Yahoo, and others. She is also a leading TEDx Speaker and a brand ambassador for Inman.[7]

Early life and education

Kennedy was born on 7 October 1993. When she was nine years old, Kennedy underwent bone marrow transplant surgery. She grew up with six brothers and sisters in a devout Roman Catholic family. While growing up, Kennedy was influenced by her grandmother Wee’s old country records. She was also a member of The Johnson Girls, a country group formed by her sisters.

Kennedy was involved in the Miss California Pageant from 2007-2010. She won the titles of Miss Kern County, Miss Gavin Hills, Miss San Fernando Valley, and Miss Palm Springs. She also won several Talent Awards at the State competition.

Kennedy completed her graduation in 2011 from the University of Southern California. During her time at the university, Kennedy was involved with the USC Thornton Opera program and participated in several opera scenes and performances with the Chamber Opera of USC. Kennedy also served as the Public Relations Official. After her graduation, Kennedy also served as the JazzReach Choir Director at the university for ten months.


Kennedy started her career in 2004 as a choir director at St. Michael’s Chapel. She worked for four years for this congregation, where she directed the all-women choir every Sunday, taught music, and organized concerts and feast day repertoire.

In 2012, Kennedy started working as an opera singer at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. She also released her first album entitled, “My Own Way” as Marisa Johnson.

In 2014, Kennedy started her first entrepreneurial venture - King Mary Entertainment, a company that developed music projects in Los Angeles. She worked for almost two years at her company and left in 2016.

In 2015, Kennedy became a  classical-crossover singer, known as Marisa Johnson.

In 2017, Kennedy became the head of marketing at the In de Blockchain, a full-service cryptocurrency management company based in the Netherlands. She worked for over a year with this firm, during which she was responsible for the implementation of payment services, advisory, and crypto-security while running the marketing division.

In 2018, Kennedy founded Atman Real Estate, a marketing & branding agency that helps top producing Real Estate professionals become the #1 Agents in their area.[8] She was asked to be the CEO of Atlas Real Estate in 2019, and held the position until she started her own company, Victorious PR.[9]

In 2019, Kennedy started Victorious PR, an agency that specializes in featuring entrepreneurs and internet marketers in media publications, such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Inman News, Forbes, and Yahoo Finance.[10] Kennedy grew her business to 6-figures in a span of the first three months in business.[11][12]

During her career, Kennedy has addressed several talks, workshops and has worked as a trusted consultant for entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and top marketers and influencers. She has also been featured in over 200 publications and podcasts both nationally and internationally.[13]

Kennedy is also a leading classical-crossover singer and has sung with Andrea Bocelli, and has toured all across Europe.


Kennedy’s Single as stage name, Marisa Johnson, has been ranked as #1 on the iTunes Classical Chart in The Netherlands in 2017.

Personal life

Kennedy has six brothers and sisters.


In the media



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