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VeriDoc Global
IndustryComputer Software
Founded2015; 8 years ago (2015)
  • Guy Scott
  • Lindsay Moloney
ServicesAnti-fraud solutions

VeriDoc Global is an Australian based software company that provides anti-fraud and verification products to validate documents.[1][2] The company leverages public-key cryptography and blockchain technology to offer a QR code verification software that can be integrated into client’s existing systems and can help them by staying protected against any counterfeiters.[3][4] The software is used to validate Passports, ID cards, Land Titles, Supply chains, Documents, Food track and trace, Pharmaceutical and others documents.[5]

VeriDoc Global was founded in 2015 to create a verification platform to address the longstanding problems faced in the corporate industry and eliminate counterfeit products and document fraud.[6] The company is headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland with offices in the United States, India, Singapore, Tanzania, Malta, Peru, Congo, Malaysia, Dubai, and Brazil.

VeriDoc Global has been featured in a number of media outlets for its products and services, such as BBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, TBC, The Economic Times and FOX Business.[7]


VeriDoc Global was founded by Guy Scott and Lindsay Moloney in 2015, and lodged its initial patent within a year of its conception. In the beginning of 2017, VeriDoc launched its very first minimum viable product. It was during this year that VeriDoc Global opened its first foreign office in India and ended the year with the launch of Ethereum Testnet.

2018 became the busiest and the most important year in the history of this company as it is during this year it opened two other foreign offices in Tanzania and the United States. VeriDoc also integrated with the Bitcoin Testnet along with launching its QR Code Reader application.[8] It also launched a number of programs such as food packaging pilot program and University ID cards pilot program. By the end of this year, VeriDoc became a registered UN supplier.

This year also marked the changing of ownership technology along with introduction to multiple solutions and enhancements such as Indian Government Smart Cities Program, Legal Letterhead Solution and Read Receipts Solution. The company also launched a wine and coffee pilot program and launched GeoTags and Batch Manager Beta and Batch Manager 1.0.

2020 started with the launch of Verification Gateway 2.0 and EOS BlockChain Integration. Up until now, VeriDoc global launched two other versions of Drag and Drop Tool and also VeriDoc HR. It was also during this year that VeriDoc launched QLDB BlockCHain integration Identity Access Management tool.


VeriDoc Global offers a process to validate original documents by providing access to a digital version of the original document. It generates a QR code and places the QR code inside of the document. VeriDoc Global’s certifying algorithm is then applied to a PDF to generate a unique hash value. The unique hash value is then placed on the blockchain network as a ‘public trust anchor’ to permanently store document information. Metadata can also be added to the blockchain depending on customer requirements.

Products and Services

VeriDoc Global offers a range of verification services through an application using digital security and Quick Response (QR) Code technologies. The application ensures that a user is looking at a true and correct document created by the issuer. This is used across multiple platforms in different fields.  From supply chain, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food, documents, land titles and IDs.    

VeriDoc HR

This service by VeriDoc Global aims at eliminating timesheet fraud by providing a verification solution that is designed to track employees' working hours. It was designed to address the long-standing problem of attendance fraud faced by the employers in the corporate industry which led to huge losses. This product is also available for mobiles as an iOS and android application where the employers can clock-in/out from work by simply scanning a QR code.

VeriDoc Supply Chain

This service by VeriDoc Global verifies each step in any supply chain with the help of a digital handshake. This handshake records the exact time and place of each activity in the distribution network. Each movement from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer is recorded using a QR code and saved in a tamper-proof ledger.

VeriDoc DocuSign

This service by VeriDoc is in collaboration with DocuSign and aims at providing an e-signature solution that replaces the need of having to print, physically sign, scan and email documents. This significantly lowers expense costs and is time saving.

VeriDoc Smart Login

This feature by VeriDoc Global enables the users to sign into a web application by simply scanning a QR code with the added security of a two-factor authentication (2FA). This means that only one mobile device can be linked to a user's account at a particular time and the product owners can view all sign-in data recorded on the blockchain for audit purposes.

VeriDoc Analytics

VeriDoc Analytics provides an anti-counterfeit solution and increases quality and readability of the data. By providing controlled access to the tools and reports, it ensures the company data is accessible to only authorized people.

VeriDoc Documents Web Page

VeriDoc’s web-based versatile application can be used to secure documents and manage templates. This application acts as a stand alone solution for document issuers who do not have any existing systems or software in place.

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