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Vange Cain
Vange Cain.jpg
Evangeline Cain

(1979-07-30) July 30, 1979 (age 44)
Halifax Nova Scotia
Alma materAdler Coaching Academy
OrganizationQueens Mansion Academy (Founder & CEO)
Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm)

Vange Cain (born July 30, 1979) is a Canadian entrepreneur, model, author, and certified women’s empowerment coach. She is best known as the founder and CEO of Queen’s Mansion Academy, an online global educational platform tailored for women. The academy provides comprehensive resources designed to enhance their association with feminine energy.[1]

Cain is acknowledged for her nomination as an author and is notable for the composition of "Unfold Your Petals," which has garnered recognition from several book scouts. Her commitment to empowering women, facilitating personal growth, and transforming adversity into strength has impacted various individuals.[2] Through her expressions, actions, and transformative pursuits, Cain consistently serves as a source of inspiration and guidance for women navigating paths of self-discovery and empowerment.[3]

Cain's influence extends across multiple media platforms, including features in publications such as Influencer Magazine,[4] Google News, Dignity News, and others.

Early life and education

Cain was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and later relocated to Niagara Falls. She faced several challenges, becoming a mother at the age of sixteen. Undeterred by the circumstances, she achieved presence within her local community. Beyond raising her two children, Cain extended her care to foster underprivileged teenagers. This early commitment to community service laid the foundation for her future endeavors.

Cain is a certified beauty aesthetician, graduating from the Cappa School of Hairstyling and Aesthetics in 2018. She also completed a course in relationship coaching from Adler Graduate School in 2018.


Women’s Empowerment and Queen’s Mansion Academy

In 2018, prompted by a personal transformation, Cain undertook an initiative to empower women by establishing the Queen's Mansion Academy. Drawing from her experiences of surmounting adversity, self-doubt, and marital challenges, she was motivated to establish a platform to guide women towards self-discovery, empowerment, and balance.[5] The academy provides an inclusive space for women to express their feelings openly and cultivate essential skills in femininity and communication.[6]

Vange's approach to empowerment is centered around helping women turn their pain into power. Her distinctive perspective resonates with numerous women who seek to reclaim their strength and self-regard.[7] This vision culminated in a supportive community that enabled women to transcend their hurdles and embrace their latent potential.[8]

As a certified energy and relationship coach, speaker, and healer, Cain's expertise and influence extend globally through Queen’s Mansion Academy. The academy is a global online platform catering to women, offering comprehensive resources to deepen their connection with feminine energy. Through her teachings, Vange encourages women to heal and reclaim their power, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and open communication.[9]

Literary Work

Cain commenced her literary journey in 2021 with the release of her publication, "Unfold Your Petals." The work promptly attracted acknowledgment and received nominations as a source of inspiration from distinguished book evaluators, including the New York Times, Pacific Book Review, and US Book Of Reviews. Recognized for her compelling and motivational content, Cain further fortified her standing as a proficient author. The book's successful reception led to a three-year contract with renowned booksellers, such as Barnes and Noble and Cole's Bookstore.[10]

Media recognition

Cain's impact and expertise have earned her recognition on various platforms. She has been featured in Influencer Magazine, Google News, Dignity News, Business Eras, and Daily Spark With Dr. Angela, among others. Additionally, her work has garnered acclaim from major book circles such as The Moving Words, The US Review Of Books, Pacific Book Review, and the New York Times.[11]


Personal life

Cain resides in Canada with her husband and two children: a daughter, Destiny Cain, and a son, Shataz Cain.

In the media



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