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Unstoppable Wallet
Founded2017; 7 years ago (2017)
Area served
  • Decentralized Blockchain
  • Regulated Blockchain
  • Permissioned Blockchain

Unstoppable Wallet is a non-custodial, multi-wallet and decentralized blockchain created by Horizontal Systems in 2017.[1] It enables users to store, manage, trade, and swap their digital assets where only the user holds the keys controlling cryptocurrency.[2]

Unstoppable Wallet supported blockchains are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Cash, Zcash, Litecoin, Dash, and Binance Smart Chain. The platform got Certik certified on February 28, 2021, and is approved by Wallet Scrutiny. The wallet is also recommended by ethereum.org and bitcoin.org. Unstoppable is among only 7 reproducible wallets and only one multi-blockchain wallet for iOS and Android.[3][4]


Unstoppable Wallet is built by Horizontal Systems, a distributed team of software architects and design engineers with rich experience in designing complex software systems. The platform transitioned to blockchain technology only in 2018 as a result of regulatory limitations and business-breaking problems, i.e., bank account closures and application denials from financial service providers on vague grounds. Hence, they embarked on a journey to engineering a cryptocurrency wallet that would be open to all, without any dependence on centrally managed servers. It has been designed to protect the assets and privacy of the user.[5][6]

The management tool is built for those looking to decentralize capital, exercise genuine control over assets and grow wealth through borderless opportunities. The wallet is a decentralized, open-source, non-custodial, multi-blockchain, cryptocurrency wallet app and DeFi analytic tool for iOS and Android with in-app decentralized exchanges Uniswap and Pancakeswap. Unstoppable Wallet provides private access to the cryptocurrency ecosystem without relying on middlemen entities like banks, brokerage houses, or exchanges.[7]


Unstoppable is a privacy-oriented wallet that does not collect any personal information. It is an open source wallet whose code is public and anyone can check how it works. In addition to it, Unstoppable Wallet is a multi-wallet capable of storing any number of wallets and supports all major crypto assets.[8]

The wallet is free to download and does not charge any fees for its base features. The users are expected to pay network usage fees when sending transactions on a given blockchain. Unstoppable is in the process of providing some premium power-user features, which are going to be only available to those holding Unstoppable Wallet NFTs.[9]

Unstoppable Wallet uses version 0.19 of Market Tab enabling users to browse cryptocurrency tokens, filter tokens by market criteria, and browse them by category for easy comparison of similar projects.[10]


With Unstoppable Wallet, the users can send and receive cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime. They can also swap one cryptocurrency to another without limits and have access to DeFi services i.e. swapping, lending, borrowing, staking, etc. Moreover, the users can create an unlimited number of cryptocurrency wallets and store multiple cryptocurrencies in each wallet.[11]

Unstoppable also provides features such as Import/export wallets from/to other non-custodial wallet apps and allows to monitor and analyze cryptocurrency markets. The users can also gain the required knowledge to learn more about cryptocurrency and DeFi through the platform’s Litrex Academy initiative.[12]


Unstoppable Wallet ecosystem partners include Ethereum, Blockchain, Defi Llama, Defiyield, 1inch Network, CoinGecko, ENS, WalletConnect, Chainlink, DASH, Zcash, and Alpaca Finance.


Months down the line, Unstoppable Wallet aims to improve its market analytics and discovery features and work upon its extensive automated portfolio tracking and expanding DeFi capabilities. The wallet will soon support platforms like Polkadot, Monero, Solana, and Cardano as well as further privacy improvements.


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